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Bakoda relaunching with new look and new product


Vancouver, BC (November 1, 2012) -- A historic brand in the snowboard industry, Bakoda brand accessories is being relaunched for the 2013/14 season under new ownership and a sharp new look. Purchased by Vancouver based RC Products Inc. (“RC”) in February of this year from Northwave, the move was made as RC saw an opportunity to return the once mighty snowboard accessories brand to its former luster.

“Bakoda was such a great brand back in the day. When the opportunity presented itself to bring it back to its roots, we jumped on it” says Rory Carr, founder and owner of RC. “Our expectation is that in the next few years it will be a major player in the international snowsports accessories market.”

Launched in late 80’s, Bakoda started with the manufacture of snowboard leashes to address ski resort’s needs for better safety systems to accompany the burgeoning sport.  The single leash grew into a variety of snowboard accessories and by the late 90’s Bakoda launched the revolutionary McIver Driver, the first snowboard specific multi-tool.

Times have changed since Bakoda was leading the charge in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and while its roots are undoubtedly in snowboarding, the attitude and values are shared among both snowboarders and skiers these days. High quality and smart design are what matter in the accessories market. Moving forward, Bakoda will be rooted in values of simplicity, quality, and user-centered design.

For 2013, Bakoda is launching a core product offering that will include tools, tuning equipment, wax, ski straps and a brand new steel framed lock. In addition to new designs, some old favorites will be back, including the award winning Zackly Driver, one of Transworld Snowboarding’s Top 5 Tools in 2011.

“I think what’s most exciting is that we’ve stripped the brand and products right back to the bones,” said David Westwood, Manager of Product Development. “We have taken great care to build it back up from a strong heritage but done it in the lens of modern snowboarder and skier needs. We’ve worked hard to update the brand into a modern yet authentic Bakoda look and feel and we’re feeling really good about how it’s working out as we develop product, packaging and the website. It looks great.”

David continues, “Everything we do at Bakoda will focus 100% on getting people stoked on snowboarding and skiing. It’s funny how much time we all spend talking about epic days, new gear and travel stories, and yet many of these off-hill experiences are as important as on-hill. At Bakoda we understand that while we manufacture and sell accessories, our real product is stoke. Bakoda’s mission is to foster stoke in everything we do.”

Excitement about Bakoda’s return is strong among retailers as word spreads about the brand’s impending comeback.  Having recently returned from an east coast sales trip, Bakoda Sales Manager and BC Rep Chris Hildebrand was impressed with the buzz that is already building. “Speaking with many of our existing RC customers as well as new ones in the US, there is great fondness for the Bakoda brand and everything that it stood for over the years. I’m personally looking forward to showcasing the product with all of my clients here in BC - the whole package looks great and the launch product is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Bakoda will be sold via RC’s existing Canadian rep force while four new reps have been hired in the US so far, with plans for expansion. Bakoda will also be at SIA this year in Denver.  RC is in touch with several international distributors as there is strong demand in many overseas markets where the brand has historically been available.

Retailers are encouraged to register now at www.bakoda.com for access to the full dealer site, scheduled to launch in early December.


David Westwood, Manager of Product Development
T: 604-325-6697 ext. 104

Erik Dier, Director of Sales
T: 604.325.6697 ext. 120

Chris Hildebrand, Sales Manager
T: 604.307.8817

About Bakoda
Launched in late 80’s, Bakoda started with the manufacture of snowboard leashes to address ski resort’s needs for better safety systems to accompany the burgeoning sport.  The single leash grew into a variety of snowboard accessories including various leashes and stomp pads. With sales growing, Bakoda moved its operations to Whistler BC within a few years and developed its first snowboard specific tool. Bakoda was purchased by Italian owned Northwave-Drake in 1998 and was operated out of their Seattle, Washington office for a number of years before operations and product development were moved to Italy. In February 2012, RC Products purchased Bakoda from Northwave.

About RC Products
RC Products Inc. (“RC”) was launched in a basement apartment in Whistler, BC, Canada with a single product: the RC Powerstrap. With the rapid growth of skiing and the explosion of snowboarding in the early 90’s, RC quickly became a leading manufacturer of ski and snowboard accessories in the Canadian marketplace. RC focuses on developing innovative products for the snow sports industry and holds itself to the highest standards in every facet of business. RC operates in a brand new 25,000 square foot facility in South Vancouver, allowing it to continue its steady growth and maintain industry-leading operational efficiencies. In addition to RC Brand accessories, RC has set the standard for quality and accuracy with its extensive custom bag and accessory programs. RC currently supply Canada’s leading sporting goods retailers with custom products including complete custom-bag programs, custom logo accessories and custom packaging.

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