Jan 27, 2016
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 28-31, 2016
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Snow
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 1-2, 2016
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO

2011 Canadian Rep Of The Year


Gilles Lachance

I have been passionate about alpine skiing for as long as I can remember and I had the chance to make my passion my career. It was my first jobs in retail shops that allowed me to develop my sales skills, my knowledge of products and my relationship with customers. It was a customer who offered me my first job as a sales rep on the road in the hair industry… You do what you need to when you are 25 years old and have two kids!

Thanks to my friend Serge, who thought about me when a sales rep job opened up in the sport industry at Nordica, I showed my skills and finally got a job linked to my passion. I invested many hours in my work and as many into my family, who follow in my foot steps and live an active lifestyle. From a young age my sons have been enjoying the pleasure of skiing and many work related activities. One of my strengths as a sales rep is to provide training clinics in stores, which require many studying hours.

I have had the chance to work with excellent colleagues within this company. Then the globalization brought along changes and a new opportunity for me. I joined the Salomon team. Time flies when you enjoy your work. It seems like it was yesterday.

My relationship with my clients has always been very important. I respect them all and many of them have even become my friends. In meetings and discussions I express my opinions to well represent my clients. I hope for the best since their success becomes mine.

Since I am a perfectionist in my work, today’s recognition from the industry for my performance comes to me as a surprise and I am very grateful for it. I will need to continue working hard to succeed, as nothing can be taken for granted. There is always room for improvement.

Je suis un passionné du ski alpin depuis toujours et j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir vivre de ma passion. Mes premiers emplois comme vendeur dans des magasins m’ont permis de développer mes aptitudes de vente, mes connaissances des produits et mes relations avec les clients.

Ce fut d’ailleurs un client qui me proposa mon premier emploi comme représentant sur la route dans le monde de la coiffure… Il faut ce qu’il faut pour nourrir deux enfants quand on a 25 ans!

Ce fut grâce à mon ami Serge, qui a pensé à moi quand un poste de représentant est devenu disponible dans le domaine du sport chez Nordica, que je démontrai mes capacités et obtins enfin un poste en lien avec ma passion.

J’investis beaucoup d’heures dans mon travail et tout autant pour ma famille, que j’entraine dans ma vie active. Mes fils ont été initiés très jeunes au plaisir du ski et à plusieurs des activités reliés à mon travail. Une de mes forces comme représentant est de donner de la formation en magasin, mais cela demande beaucoup d’heures d’études.

J’ai côtoyé d’excellents collègues de travail au sein de cette entreprise, puis la mondialisation amena des changements et une nouvelle occasion se présenta à moi, celle de me joindre à l’équipe de Salomon... Le temps passe vite quand on aime son travail, c’était comme si c’était hier.

Ma relation avec mes clients a toujours été très importante, car je les respecte tous beaucoup. Plusieurs sont même devenus des amis.
Dans mes interactions lors de réunion ou de discussion, j’exprime mes opinions pour m’assurer de bien représenter mes clients au sein de la compagnie. Je souhaite le meilleur pour mes clients, car leur succès devient le mien.

Aujourd’hui, je suis surpris – étant donné que je suis perfectionniste dans mon travail –, mais très reconnaissant envers l’industrie qui souligne ma performance. Je devrai continuer à travailler fort pour réussir, car rien n’est acquis et il est toujours possible de s’améliorer.

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“The Show was awesome! Tons of traffic and excitement, which we were really excited about. We’ll be back every year moving forward. We’ve gotten new business from being here, and as a launch year, it’s been absolutely great.”
Tracy Bordwell, Creative and Technical Design, Fate Clothing

"As a snow-sports journalist, I find the SIA Snow Show to be an invaluable resource. There's nowhere else I can survey all of the latest gear and get face time with interesting suppliers, retailers, athletes, and other industry movers all in one place."
Sam Bass, editor-in-chief, Skiing Magazine

“You have everyone in one place, so you can see everything you need and get an idea of where trends are going. It’s a good overview of what’s going on in the industry. Last year we picked up a couple new lines that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked up had I not gone to SIA. The Show gets you psyched.”
Jim Slanetz, Owner, Board Bin, ID

“From our standpoint, our line has gotten larger each year, and the exposure at the Show is huge. There are so many people here and this Show seems to grow every year, it’s really beneficial for our sales reps to be here.”
Carrie Crogan, Trade Show Coordinator, Under Armour

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