Jan 25, 2017
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 26-29, 2017
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Snow
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Jan. 30-31, 2017
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO


Take a look at the 2013 SIA Snow Show Seminars and Clinics which included topics on marketing, research, sustainability, trends and sales. Each seminar was designed to touch upon informative key tools for your business, staff and branding. With social media at a forefront, many clinics covered new ways to engage with online consumers and users. Research seminars provided interesting insight to attendees about the current and future state of the snow sports market across all categories.


Compensation Trends for Managers and Executives: Designing Comp Packages to Retain High Performers and Meet Legal Requirements

Presented by S. A. “Sam” Murray, SPHR, CEO, ManagEase, Incorporated

  • Trends in executive pay
  • New requirements in commission and bonus programs
  • Non-cash options for compensation packages
  • Auto allowance, memberships and other perquisites
  • Deferred compensation

Compensation Trends for Managers and Executives: Designing Comp Packages to Retain High Performers and Meet Legal RequirementsClick here to download presentation.  


Creating a Best-Practices Retirement Plan for Small-Mid Size Businesses

Presented by David Gratke, CEO, Gratke Wealth, LLC

As more and more businesses look at 401ks as a competitive benefit, knowledge of basic concepts and terminologies in the 401k retirement plan landscape is need-to-know information that we’ll walk through. We will also discuss investor behavior, how it often works against the well-intentions of investors, and how to create processes, and best practices, to mitigate poor investment decisions due to emotional behavior.  

Creating a Best-Practices Retirement Plan for Small-Mid Size Businesses Click here to download presentation.


How Manufacturers and Retailers Can Align While Selling Online

Presented by Mike Bisner, V.P. Business Development MWRC Internet Sales

Make no mistake, "the customer is in charge of how they choose to buy!” Selling direct to consumers does not have to be a battlefield. Manufacturers and retailers can align their online goals, margins and include all members of the sales channel without conflict, when using the right e-commerce platform. 

How Manufacturers and Retailers Can Align While Selling Online Click here to download presentation.


Social Media Strategy - Winning Customers with your Words

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

How to create content that compels customers to connect using social media. Successfully using social media to connect with your customers requires proper planning and strategy. Learning what tactics to employ can be the difference between creating a community of loyal followers or struggling to reach any one at all. This seminar will teach retailers how to build a successful social media strategy. Attendees will walk away with a step-by-step plan that helps identify how to connect with your customers (no matter what generation they are from) using social media on a daily basis. In this seminar, we’ll show you how to create customers who are brand evangelists and to create programs that your customers can share with their friends and family – and help grow your business in the meantime!

Social Media Strategy - Winning Customers with your Words Click here to download presentation.


Turning Posts into Profits

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

Creating Social Media programs to connect with your customers and ring the register. Do your customers have fun when they are inside your store? Do they appreciate the fact that your sales associates are knowledgeable about the products you sell when they are making a purchase? For most successful retailers, the answers are yes. But what happens when your business moves “online?” Do your Facebook, Twitter and blog posts translate the fun and knowledge you have to your customers when they interact with your brand online?

Turning Posts into Profits Click here to download presentation.


Want something Sticky? Go Gorilla. Guerrilla Marketing, that is.

Presented by Lora Ledermann, owner / creative director / copywriter

Guerrilla Marketing isn't going away folks. In fact it's only just begun. So, how do you "go guerrilla" with your brand or marketing efforts? How can it be relevant to your target audiences? What makes it sticky? We will answer all of these questions and more. If you're in charge of marketing and have been thinking about utilizing grassroots tactics, we'll give you the tools to get the gorilla off your back (and into action). Warning: this will be an interactive session so bring your thinking cap.

Want something Sticky? Go Gorilla. Guerrilla Marketing, that is.  Click here to download presentation.  


What Does It Take To Make Them Buy?

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

Key Lessons on Generating Business by Generation This seminar will help attendees understand today’s changing consumer landscape of 2013 and beyond. Delving in to uncover consumer purchasing motivation and shopping patterns by generation, this session will explore critical business factors including how and why consumers spend money today, how and where consumers “listen” to messages about brands and how your retail business can engage customers more effectively in order to produce and deliver the best products and services in the marketplace.

What Does It Take To Make Them Buy?  Click here to download presentation.


Building Colorado's Newest and Greenest Ski Area

Presented by John Ball, CEO of The Resort at Pikes Peak; Scott Brown, rejuvenator of the town of Telluride, founder of the Telluride Ski Area and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

The recreational and sustainable, environmentally friendly practices of The Resort at Pikes Peak and our SIA supplier partners are highlighted to demonstrate how to vote for the earth with how we choose to spend our recreational dollars. Imagine, if you will a new concept in resort living. It begins with a truly green experience like a walk through the forest and ends with all the amenities one could ask for combined in a sustainable, green conscious and healthful all season resort and you will have arrived at The Resort at Pikes Peak. The Ultimate Eco-Resort Experience.

What Does It Take To Make Them Buy?  Click here to download presentation.


SnowSports Market Overview by Category

Presented by Kelly Davis, SIA

In today’s economy is it more important than ever to know exactly what is happening in the marketplace. In this seminar you will get a complete overview of the retail market and how it is evolving with changing consumer behavior. Additionally, you will learn about consumers in each category, who they are, what’s important to them, and a description of changes in the ways they’re shopping for products in the category. We will present overall category trends and provide a detailed overview of category retail data including sales, inventories and sell through and a tutorial on how to use the data presented. Finally, we will discuss predictive modeling techniques and opportunities for each category using available retail, economic, participation, weather and other data pertinent to category performance.

For each category we will present:

  • General description of the market and consumer behavior
  • Consumer demographics
  • Overall category performance data
  • Best selling products and other trends
  • Maximizing the utility of available data
  • Predictive modeling

The Secret to Success with Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (LSSM) and Bring a Friend (BAF)

Presented by Raelene Davis, Marketing Director for Ski Utah and National Chair of the LSSM/Bring a Friend Task Force; Brad Kopitz, Director of E-commerce Marketing, Summit Sports, Inc (Bloomfield, MI-based retailer); Mary Jo Tarallo, Executive Director, Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend

For five years, Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month has helped ski and snowboard areas cultivate new skiers and snowboarders. More than 225,000 children and adults have taken beginner lessons as a result of the initiative. The Bring a Friend Challenge provides incentives to current participants who can recruit newcomers.

Find out how retailers and suppliers can enjoy the same success as resorts by leveraging the resources offered by LSSM and BAF. Join us for an update on 2012-13 results and a preview of how these initiatives can help you gain new customers in the future.  


Customer Data = Your Most Valuable Asset

Presented by Scott Buelter & Ben Lockett, LTG

Too often islands of customer data exist as silos driving zero value. These islands often include POS, eComm, Product Registration, Loyalty Programs and Newsletter Signups. Combining these islands into one single customer database creates a platform that can be used to move the needle in the areas of customer retention, lifetime value and customer satisfaction. Come and learn from the experts who will use real world examples to help you understand how to turn customer data into revenue.


The Digital Journey of Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Presented by Alison Carabetta, Google Account Executive/Team Lead; Natalie Marchant, Google Account Planner

Did you know that more than half of all apparel sales will be online influenced by the end of 2012? Shoppers in the market for outdoor apparel and sporting goods rely heavily on the Internet to make purchase decisions. Google has partnered with Compete to understand how outdoor brands and retailers can influence shoppers during their purchase journey, with a special focus on the role of search, video and mobile. Join us to learn about shopper behavior and explore effective digital marketing strategies to reach potential buyers.


F/W 14 Color and Megatrends

Presented by Stylesight.

Stylesight focuses on the trends driving the Snowsports sector, through the use of comprehensive color combinations as well as inspirational mood images and themes. Key silhouettes and design details, prints & graphics, and innovative materials will be explored, focusing on performance, surface textures and directional developments in technology.


Project Zero 2025 – A New Vision for Avalanche Safety and the Snow Sports Industry

Presented by Tom Murphy, AIARE

Backcountry riding holds a mystique for many and those of us who ride there understand why. It’s often an exciting next step in our sport, portrayed in every ski and snowboard movie, to move into this challenging and new environment. To keep this segment healthy and growing it must not be seen as overly dangerous. If deaths associated with the backcountry continue, the market could suffer. The message needs to be less about the sport being risky and more about how to recognize and manage those risks; how to not only know where and what gear to buy, but how to use it safely, intelligently. AIARE’s “Project Zero 2025” is a bold initiative to reduce avalanche fatalities to zero by 2025. By bringing together all the stakeholders, from manufacturers to retailers to avalanche forecast centers and educators, the goal will be to combine forces in a way never before attempted and create a meaningful, industry wide message to rally around. The market is asking and it’s up to us to respond.


Athletes as Catalysts: A modern social media approach to getting the most out of your endorsements

Presented by Crystalyn Stuart, President, Social Marketing, IMRE Sports

Snowsports is a unique, high-loyalty industry where athletes, influencers and media heavily impact consumer's decision-making process. Athlete endorsements, partnerships and programs can help inform and validate customers’ purchase path. How can snowsports brands tap their current athlete relationships to get the most out of their social graphs? How can you provide athletes with unique opportunities to promote your brand that will excite their fans and have a direct impact on your business? We’ll discuss developing, negotiating and managing tailored programs for your sponsored partners that will create a mutually beneficial relationship for them, your brand, and your audiences.
This session will include:

  • Insights from tailored endorsement programs from the wider sports category
  • Ideas and sparks for using emerging social media channels to build affinity and bolster sales
  • How to measure and track customer insights from athlete engagement activities

Business of the Backcountry: How Gear, Technology, and Increased Participation In Backcountry Travel Are Evolving

Moderated by Verde PR & Consulting

A panel of today’s leading retailers, manufacturers, athletes, snow science experts, and media discuss snow safety gear, retail climate, backcountry travel, and personal accounts of avalanche situations.
Panelists include:
Megan Michelson: ESPN.com Freeskiing, Freelance writer
Glen Plake: athlete, Julbo sponsored athlete
Hud Knight: Backcountry.com Director of Merchandising
Jeremy Jones: athlete, owner Jones Snowboards, founder POW
Avi expert TBD
Airbag Manufacture TBD


Social Marketing Success Stories

Presented by Votigo


Steep Life Protocols

Presented by Dean Cummings

Join Big Mountain, steep skiing icon Dean Cummings for this classroom edition of his award-winning Steep Life Protocols avalanche education program. Even those who've earned avalanche certification say Dean's practical tips help them improve their decision-making and terrain management in the backcountry. Come learn the on-the-go assessment techniques Dean has developed that have helped him earn the best heliskiing operation safety record in Alaska.


The Social Brand: Engaging and Activating Customers

Presented by Votigo


You Always Remember Your First Time. But Was It Any Good?

Presented by TransWorld Business

TransWorld Business Seminar: The Rewards & Returns of Rigging Riders with the Right Rental Gear. Join TransWorld Business, Burton's Jeff Boliba, AASI's Scott Anfang and a special guest retailer to discuss the importance of best practices in your snowboard rental departments.


The “Human Factor” in the Backcountry

Presented by Donny Roth

While carrying proper equipment (beacon, shovel, probe, airbag packs, etc.) in the backcountry certainly improves the probability of saving a life in the case of an accident, it is sound decision-making that prevents accidents. Understanding how human emotions factor into the decision-making process, and therefore accidents, is essential to traveling in the backcountry safely and responsibly. As an industry it is our responsibility to present a balanced message: “Get stoked! And stay level-headed at the same time.”


Building and Growing a Strong Online Presence

Presented by Rob Rozicki

Millions of potential new customers are looking for you online and existing customers want to stay connected. The tools to help build a strong online presence are available but you have to use them to make sure you are not lost in the clutter of the internet. Learn how to create, grow and maintain your identity online through Domain Names, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and Social Media before its to late.


Fast & Hot: Business Development & Sustainable Growth

Presented by Perry Gladstone

Perry has learned that our greatest successes come from knowing where our passion is and sharing it with the world. With compelling stories and insights from his adventures in business, Perry will explain how to find that passion and use it to create the conditions for your success. Perry’s FAST & HOT method is the culmination of over twenty years’ work in creating the conditions for success across a wide variety of contexts and industries. In that time, Perry has had the opportunity to test, refine, fail, prove and hone each part of his process in various roles as an entrepreneur, business leader, producer, director, athlete, coach, author and musician.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Find the passion for your business that you and others share
  • Align this passion with your personal and corporate vision to reveal your best opportunities
  • Show your target audience how you understand and create value for them
  • Tell your story in a way that provokes prospective clients
  • Have Others Tell your story and inspire them to participate in it 

New Progression Gear: Fast Route to Parallel

Presented by SAM Magazine

Join SAM Magazine and industry rental leaders to discuss the latest progression gear, which promises to simplify the process and up your customer retention rates.


Available Software Technologies for the Ski Rental Store

Presented by Ray Bonestroo & Paul Marxen

In todays technological world there are ski rental stores that are hand-writing up rental contracts and manually tracking their inventory and sales..Here are some options to see whats out there for software, hardware and the proper training for your staff.


Social SnowSports Brands: Rapid Fire Marketing Panel

Presented by Votigo


The Viper Pit - Protecting Your Branding From Snakes

Presented by Philip Matthews, Web IP Law Group

Come learn how to protect your branding and where to focus your efforts when doing so. For most product based businesses branding and technology protection is essential. You create certain branding images for your products and business so your consumer's interest is captured, and when that branding is copied or consumers are confused this hurts your bottom line.


The Power of Experts

Presented by Dave Stockham

Knowledge and expertise can be real game-changers when it comes to increasing the validity of a brand or product. Experts with more knowledge tend to sell more, add more value, and create better consumer buying experiences.


Grow Sales More Efficiently By Leveraging Real-Time Consumer Analytics In-store, Online, and at the Call Center

Presented by Anthony Ciani, Account Executive, Neustar Information Services

Learn about the new and exciting ways consumer insights, segmentation, mapping and real-time data are reshaping the manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries.

Leverage segmentation, consumer insights and your robust customer database to increase your chances of winning and retaining customers. Get the right ads in front of the right customers visiting your web site in real-time. Optimize your call center so less time is spent validating and verifying information and more time is spent servicing and selling. All trails leading to sales growth and more actionable marketing activities!


Overcoming Seasonality: Leveraging social media to tell a year-round brand story even if your product doesn't

Presented by Turner PR

While a brand may only have product offering for a limited snow season, social media is a hotbed of brand and snowsports enthusiasts looking to engage all year round. We'll cover how to leverage your brand across all four seasons and using social media to build brand advocates. Tactics covered may include influencer programs, engagement secrets and content creation—including photo and video.


Bamboo and the Board Sports Industry

Presented Dan Smith, President and Founder of Smith & Fong Company and the Plyboo® line of laminated bamboo products

This talk will cover bamboo from forestry to applications in the board sport industry. Sustainability will be covered including FSC managed bamboo forestry and Zero Formaldehyde adhesives as well as bamboo processing, application and performance characteristics. This class should be a lot of fun and you can get all your bamboo questions.


There’s a free marketing tool with 67% converted sales – and it’s green!

Presented by SSRP

Learn how other retailers are enjoying the benefits from participating in the Snow Sports Recycling Program. Find out how your shop can be part of creating green products from discarded equipment while providing you with marketing and public relation opportunities. Join us, and hear how you can help your stores, while helping your communities.


eCommerce from a Brand Perspective – How Nordica markets and sells online without leaving their dealers in the dust.

Presented by Tyler Kipp - Nordica; Ben McKinley - Cascade

How can Nordica interact with the increasing number of online snowsports shoppers without undercutting their nationwide network of dealers? Creatively.
In this session, Nordica will describe the issues and opportunities presented by the Internet and how they decided on their online strategy. Cascade, Nordica's web partner, will also present tactical options available to support a brand strategy, including eCommerce choices, social media opportunities and technology platforms.


5 Keys To Online Success for Small Business

Presented by Dan Smink, C 1 Partners

Done right, a small business can compete effectively against much larger competitors in the online world. This session will explore the two-halves of the digital equation – how to build online traffic and how to convert traffic into customers. We’ll begin by exploring positioning and messaging online, keyword analysis, blogging and other tools that can help drive traffic to your website. Beyond the fundamentals, we’ll look at converting visitors into sales leads and converting sales leads into customers, as well as how to measure and analyze your efforts. You won't want to miss this timely presentation that will enable you to take effective action with your marketing right away. Attendees will receive a free eBook full of helpful guidance and resources about what you can do to improve your digital marketing efforts.


Around the Internet in One Hour: All You Need to Know About Social Media and E-Commerce Law

Presented by Sal Orofino

The presentation identifies the key channels for business owners and marketing managers and identifies the legal requirements that apply to ANYONE with a website. The presentation will be divided into two parts: 1) the website; and 2) social media tools and how to draft effective social media policies.


The Inside Scoop: Working with bloggers (a panel moderated by Turner PR featuring 3-5 top snow bloggers)

Presented by Turner PR

Turner PR will construct a panel of some of the top snow bloggers in the industry to discuss how to work with bloggers, dos and don'ts, compensation expectations, topics to avoid, and key interest points. We'll explore what makes bloggers tick, what makes you a valuable resource and how they differ from traditional media (spoiler: they like experiences, not news releases).


WANTED: Your Input on Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and Bring a Friend

Hosted by Raelene Davis, Marketing Director, Ski Utah and Chair of the LSSM/BAF Task Force; Mary Jo Tarallo, Executive Director, LSSM/BAF

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and Bring a Friend are bottom up, grass roots initiatives that have a proven track record in developing new business for skiing and snowboarding companies and organizations. Retailers, suppliers and reps play important roles in our industry's efforts to grow the marketplace. Join us for a lively conversation on how these initiatives can and should evolve to help YOU grow your business. Help us answer the question Where Do We Go from Here?


Retail Marketing Made Easy – A complete season-long marketing mix at your fingertips

Presented by Mike Duncan, Sage Island CEO/ Board Retailers Association President and Vicki Vasil, Sage Island

As soon as the season hits, snow sports retailers are immediately thrust into the busy throes of the day to day operations and customer service, and marketing often gets put on the back burner. SIA aims to alleviate the pressure of developing marketing messages with the Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide, packed with 24 different themed campaigns across four season segments for you to plug and play! In this seminar we’ll walk you through the components of the Retailer Marketing Guide and how it’s set up for quick and easy use across a variety of marketing channels, including ad and postcard headlines, radio ads, social media campaigns, pre-designed emails and even in-store events! Leave with a complete marketing arsenal and start implementing immediately!


Tell your brand story while reducing your Carbon Footprint

Presented by Josh Reddin and Mike Mougin, Elastic Suite

For over 4 years, Elastic suite had been helping distinguish brands in the B2B space with with an intuitive order entry tool. Since then due to 100's of interviews and user case studies, we are finally realizing the printed workbook is becoming obsolete and an ineffective way to sell. Come learn how to create segmented sales strategies, build merchandised programs, while maintaing the branding effectiveness of your printed catalogs.


How the Cloud Enables SnowSports Success

Presented by Ranga Bodla, NetSuite Industry Marketing; Dino Dardano, CEO, Hestra USA

This presentation will cover the different opportunities available to exhibitors that allow them to connect with attendees before, during, and after Snow Show through the website and mobile The cloud has a proven track record of helping snowsport companies rapidly scale by eliminating many of the growing pains associated with fast-growing businesses and significantly improving efficiency. In this interactive session, learn how companies like Hestra, GoPro and Scarpa manage their business more efficiently leveraging the power of the cloud to power their success.


"The SIA Snow Show is the best time of the year! You get to see all the new technology coming out, you get to see all the sales reps you have relationships with, and then right around the corner you get to test everything out at the On-Snow Demo at Copper." Katy Graul, Ski Brokers, Fraser, CO
"For me, the Show is so much more than just a product presentation, it's a true breeding ground for ideas and inspiration. The forums, the marketing information, and the opportunities for retailers like me to network with each other has become a major feature for me." Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski Shop, Framingham, MA
"It's the place to go to see as many manufacturing companies as you can see under one roof at one time. It’s the latest and greatest of everything that’s going to be coming through the stores in the next six to eight months. I think people do a disservice to themselves by not going." Susan Woody, sales rep, Turtle Fur
"This Show is so important because it's the preview for what’s to come; it's the big picture. You can talk to the people that are in sales, product development, we can tell you plans for next year as well as help retailers with their buy so they become informed and make better decisions for their business." Ryan Green, Nordic Division Manager, Rossignol
"From an international perspective, I can see that the whole US snow sports industry is truly a community. Everybody's here and you can see that it's a family." Sigi Rumphuber, Product Designer/Engineer, G3
"This whole business is based on relationships, so if you don’t get that face to face time it's difficult to continue those relationships or build new ones. And of course we have to be at the Show because it gives a chance for everyone to see the full line, and to talk about any problems or potential opportunities." Josh Roberts, VP, Nitro Snowboards

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