Jan 25, 2017
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 26-29, 2017
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Snow
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Jan. 30-31, 2017
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO


Take a look at the 2012 SIA Snow Show Seminars and Clinics which included topics on marketing, research, sustainability, trends and sales. Each seminar was designed to touch upon informative key tools for your business, staff and branding. With social media at a forefront, many clinics covered new ways to engage with online consumers and users. Research seminars provided interesting insight to attendees about the current and future state of the snow sports market across all categories.


F/W 13 Color and Megatrends

Presented by Jeanine Pesce, Stylesight

Stylesight focuses on the trends driving the Snowsports sector, through the use of comprehensive color combinations as well as inspirational mood images and themes. Key silhouettes and design details, prints & graphics, and innovative materials will be explored, focusing on performance, surface textures and directional developments in technology.

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View trends and videos.


Snow Sport Recycling Program 101

Presented by Greg Schneider and Waste Not RecyclingGear belongs on the mountain – not in the landfill. You want it to perform, you want it to last… we want it when you are done.

Learn how the snow sports industry has aligned itself with recycling and recovery programs to create green products from recycled gear while providing marketing and public relations opportunities for members. Come find out what will happen to the next generation of gear.  

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Growing Snow Sports Participation from a Women's Perspective SIA Snow Show Breakfast*

Moderated by SIA’s Research Director, Kellyann Davis

The panel was challenged with “How Can Snow Sports Tap into the Powerful Influence of Women?” Click here for more details.  Click here for speaker bios. 

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Get Paid Faster!

Presented by Debbie Golbach and Samanta Allman, Commercial Credit Reports

All companies would like to know the secrets of how to get paid. We will review the easiest ways for you to better leverage your receivables and get paid faster!

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Is your Retail Business Social?

Presented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

More than 63% of all US consumers spend time every day using social media, yet nearly 1 in 5 retailers surveyed said they do not see the value in social media. The gap comes from the lack of performance results that retailers are seeing with their social media efforts.In this seminar, we’ll help retailers with tools and tips to improve their performance with their social media participation:

  • How to increase loyalty and customer engagement with your social media strategy
  • Time saving tools to help improve the time you spend on social media content and posts
  • Which Facebook applications can help you interact more effectively with your customers
  • How to measure your marketing success using social media

Via case studies, how other retail businesses have successfully used social media to increase business performance

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Managing your business in the Google Cloud

Tools to help your retail business flourishPresented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

Many small businesses find their competitive advantage by using the same tools that larger enterprises do to run their business. In this seminar, we share 7 Google tools that your business can use to maximize efficiency and gain an advantage over the competition. Learn about these uses for Google and more during our session:

  • Manage company projects among multiple users with Google Docs
  • Review your website performance with Google Analytics
  • Gathering industry information and educational tools via Google Reader
  • Improve search engine ranking with Google Maps and Google Places listing
  • Use Google Applications (apps) for Email marketing, inventory management, and so much more  

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How Technology Can Enable Success in the SnowSports Marketplace

Presented by Karl Honig, Scott Winborne

NetSuite focuses on helping businesses like yours run better in the cloud integrating suppliers, customers and inventory without headaches and inefficiencies of disconnected and costly – in-house IT systems for finance, order and inventory management, ecommerce and more. Join us for an interactive discussion about how cloud technology from NetSuite can further enable your entire SnowSports business enabling you to run more profitably, faster, efficiently and manage ever-changing seasonal demand.

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Multi Generational Marketing- Getting Boomers to Bust out their wallets and Generating Moohla from the Millennials

Presented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group

This seminar provides an in depth look at the consumers of today. Dealing with critically important factors on why and how consumers spend money is the key for your business as it seeks generate revenue from the shopping public. Learn what motivates each generation to spend money today and learn how to develop marketing messages that will attract each generation by focusing on the message AND what media to place it in.

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On-line - All the Time

Choosing the right tools for building your brand reputation with social mediaPresented by Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group  

Having a website or a static Facebook page isn’t enough to connect customers with your retail business today. Small businesses must surround customers today and create branded on-line destinations such as a blog, LinkedIn profile, You Tube channel, Flikr profile that are all integrated and help to deliver marketing messages. The goal for retailers today is to present content in various places and ways - where customers and potential customers can interact with your brand - where they are.

In this seminar we’ll discuss how to establish and maximize your on-line presence via social media in order to engage customers and build your brand reputation. We’ll showcase how to extend your brand across multiple social web tools and help you learn how to strategically maximize opportunities without compromising content and communications with your customers.  

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Investing in Merchandising

Presented by Ali Levy

The retail landscape is evolving faster than ever, with more players vying for consumer dollars. You view your business as an investment. You invest in fixtures, employees and advertising, not to mention new stock each season. Yet often times merchandising takes a back seat to day to day obligations that it takes to run a successful business.

It’s time to view merchandising as an integral part of your investment. This means creating and abiding by a merchandising calendar and a merchandising way of life that operates like any other essential function within your organization.

Using a ski area specialty ski shop as a case study, see before and after pictures and the dedication is takes to keep your assortments fresh by rotating stock on a regular basis throughout the winter and summer seasons.

Revisit the Top Ten Merchandising Tips plus come away with a slew of display ideas, publications and resources to give merchandising the urgency it demands in this day and age of an increasingly competitive retail environment. 

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Easy ways to Improve your Marketing in 30 Minutes or Less

Presented by David Melnick, Siquis Limited

With all of the options we have as marketers today, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals of marketing and how they can help you drive business. Whether you are tweeting, sending a direct mail postcard, running a print ad or creating an in-store banner, there are some basic tips that can make your advertising efforts even more effective.

  • Ads that drive response- choosing the write fonts, colors and offers.
  • Building customer relationships
  • Marketing Material Roundtable- bring some of your marketing material and get advice on how to improve it.

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Revolutionize Sales with Mobile Technology

Presented by Mike Huegli, Logic Solutions

Capitalizing on the mobile boom to increase profits and distinguish yourself in the marketplace

Rapidly evolving mobile technology is transforming the way we do business. In this seminar we’ll review industry trends in mobile apps for sales, and discuss Showcase, an iPad app perfect for B2B Snow Sports companies eager to be on the cutting-edge of new technology. Showcase arms your sales force with a rich mobile catalog app equipped with an integrated Content Management System. Benefits include:

  • Streamlining your sales process by centralizing and organizing sales data (minimizing human error and reducing costs)
  • A customizable and intuitive interface that attracts new prospects and helps retain clients and high-value sales reps
  • Accelerating the sales cycle, increasing your sales and profitability at the point of sale

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I've got a Facebook (Twitter/YouTube/Google+) Audience...Now What?

Presented by Jessica Hamel, Business Development Manager, Votigo Inc.

You've invested in social media. You've laid a foundation, set up pages and accounts on all the key platforms where your potential customersinteract with each other and, increasingly, with brands. And you've begun a dialogue with them. Now: what are the best ways to build on this foundation, engage your social audience in an authentic way, retain your customers and activate potential new ones? Join Jessica Hamel for an interactive session about social media promotions, complete with examples and Q&A- and a chance to win Votigo-powered social media solutions. 

I've got a Facebook (Twitter/YouTube/Google+) Audience...Now What?  Click here to download presentation.


SnowSports Market Overview by Category

Presented by Kelly Davis, SIA

In today’s economy is it more important than ever to know exactly what is happening in the marketplace. In this seminar you will get a complete overview of the retail market and how it is evolving with changing consumer behavior. Additionally, you will learn about consumers in each category, who they are, what’s important to them, and a description of changes in the ways they’re shopping for products in the category. We will present overall category trends and provide a detailed overview of category retail data including sales, inventories and sell through and a tutorial on how to use the data presented. Finally, we will discuss predictive modeling techniques and opportunities for each category using available retail, economic, participation, weather and other data pertinent to category performance.For each category we will present:

  • General description of the market and consumer behavior
  • Consumer demographics
  • Overall category performance data
  • Best selling products and other trends
  • Maximizing the utility of available data
  • Predictive modeling 

Snow Sports and Sustainable Design

Presented by Greg Schneider and Waste Not RecyclingDiscuss and evaluate the possibilities of using SSRP recycled materials as post consumer content in new equipment manufacturing. Contact Greg Schneider, gschneider@snowsports.org, for more information. 


Finding New Customers in the Digital Age: Driving Customer Loyalty and Social Media Solutions

Presented by the Leisure Trends Group

Retailer and Suppliers! Join us to learn best practices in digital and social marketing to keep your current customers and earn new customers that look like your best customers. This session will review best practices, tips and strategies for customer engagement in the digital age. You’ll learn practical tips on using your customer database for segmentation and communication in order to build loyalty and ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • How to engage your customers via Facebook and Twitter
  • Strengthen your engagement process and build loyalty and ROI
  • The latest developments in integrated email solutions including automated and triggered emails, and dynamic content
  • How to identify your most valuable consumers through segmentation processes like RFM and “Buyer Propensity Score”
  • How to use Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure the success of your programs
  • Understand your consumers changing purchase behavior, satisfaction levels and preferences.   

Keys to Successful Fundraising

Presented by Gary Gomulinski, Vectra Bank Colorado, N.A., Outdoor Industry Division; Chris Hazlitt, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP

If your company is seeking capital, whether private equity, bank financing, or an acquisition partner, the key to success is having a plan to attract the right kind of capital and structure. This commercial banker and transactional lawyer, who focus on outdoor industry companies will talk about funding options, structuring a deal, and mistakes to avoid.  


Business to Business eCommerce for Suppliers, Reps And Retailers

New Tools for quick and easy work flowPresented by Whit Johnson, Principal PlumRiver LLC

Using an iPad or PC? Want to place or track an order at 10:00 PM from a shop or mountain hideaway? Maybe you'd like auto-replenishment without doing a thing. The newest Web tools for B2B work flow connect reps, retailers and suppliers 24/7/365. Learn what's available now and what is just on the horizon. 


QR and Beyond: The Future of Mobile in the SnowSports Industry

Presented by Yoon KimA recent survey of 553 of the top brands in outdoor found that 72% are using QR codes. Learn where mobile marketing is headed for the snowsports industry for the next 12, 18, 24, and 36 months. Findings will be released from conversations with analysts from SBI, comScore, Forrester, and the CTIA. 


The High-Loyalty Fan: How to Take Your Social Media Portfolio to the Next Level

Presented by Crystalyn Stuart, Vice President, Social Marketing, IMRESnowsports is a high-loyalty industry, yet most brand Facebook pages have lower engagement and less than 200,000 fans. How can outdoor manufacturers better harness the power of brand and sport loyalty online?

This session will include:

  • Fresh data from a proprietary IMRE Harris poll profiling snowsports loyalty behavior online
  • A simple and easy-to-use self-diagnostic tool for brands to evaluate and improve their social media presence
  • Insights on goal-setting and measurement for high-loyalty social media.
  • Free lunch 

Using Online and Mobile Marketing to Maximize your ROI at Snow Show

Brett Glatfelter, Director of e-Sales, Map Your ShowThis presentation will cover the different opportunities available to exhibitors that allow them to connect with attendees before, during, and after Snow Show through the website and mobile application. Learn how you can leverage these resources to develop a list of sales leads before the show and drive traffic to your booth at the show.  

MapYourShow is an official SIA contractor whose software delivers the 2012 SIA Show online floor plan.


"The SIA Snow Show is the best time of the year! You get to see all the new technology coming out, you get to see all the sales reps you have relationships with, and then right around the corner you get to test everything out at the On-Snow Demo at Copper." Katy Graul, Ski Brokers, Fraser, CO
"For me, the Show is so much more than just a product presentation, it's a true breeding ground for ideas and inspiration. The forums, the marketing information, and the opportunities for retailers like me to network with each other has become a major feature for me." Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski Shop, Framingham, MA
"It's the place to go to see as many manufacturing companies as you can see under one roof at one time. It’s the latest and greatest of everything that’s going to be coming through the stores in the next six to eight months. I think people do a disservice to themselves by not going." Susan Woody, sales rep, Turtle Fur
"This Show is so important because it's the preview for what’s to come; it's the big picture. You can talk to the people that are in sales, product development, we can tell you plans for next year as well as help retailers with their buy so they become informed and make better decisions for their business." Ryan Green, Nordic Division Manager, Rossignol
"From an international perspective, I can see that the whole US snow sports industry is truly a community. Everybody's here and you can see that it's a family." Sigi Rumphuber, Product Designer/Engineer, G3
"This whole business is based on relationships, so if you don’t get that face to face time it's difficult to continue those relationships or build new ones. And of course we have to be at the Show because it gives a chance for everyone to see the full line, and to talk about any problems or potential opportunities." Josh Roberts, VP, Nitro Snowboards

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