Jan 28, 2015
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2015
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Show
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 2-3, 2015
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO

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Take a look at the 2014 SIA Snow Show Seminars and Clinics which included topics on marketing, research, sustainability, trends and sales. Each seminar was designed to touch upon informative key tools for your business, staff and branding. With social media at a forefront, many clinics covered new ways to engage with online consumers and users. Research seminars provided interesting insight to attendees about the current and future state of the snow sports market across all categories.

The State of Digital in Active Lifestyle Retail

Presented by Shaun Tinney, The Good

Digital is raising the expectations of active lifestyle consumers and changing the way they shop — on and offline. We’ll show you how consumers are really using digital in active lifestyle retail environments, what’s most effective, and why mobile checkout, customization and DIY/personalization should be on every brand’s digital roadmap.

The State of Digital in Active Lifestyle RetailClick here to download presentation.  

Digital Marketing 101: How To Use Digital Marketing To Drive Your Business

Presented by Dan Smink and Dan Stratford, C1 Partners

This course will be a seminar that will enable the attendees to take action after they leave. It will walk through the basics of digital marketing for small business, including Persona Development, Keyword Strategy, Onsite Optimization, Offsite Optimization, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Analytics. Attendees will leave with an eBook that gives them direction about how to get started doing Digital Marketing the right way for their small business.

Digital Marketing 101: How To Use Digital Marketing To Drive Your Business Click here to download presentation.

F/W 15 Color and Megatrends

Presented by Stylesight

Stylesight focuses on the trends driving the Snowsports sector, through the use of comprehensive color combinations as well as inspirational mood images and themes. Key silhouettes and design details, prints & graphics, and innovative materials will be explored, focusing on performance, surface textures and directional developments in technology.  

F/W 15 Color and Megatrends Click here to download presentation.

Retail is Detail - Three Tweaks You Can Make To Your Business That Bring Dramatic Cash Flow

Presented by Dan Jablons

In this seminar, we will show you three small adjustments that you can make to your business that will generate a significant increase in your cash flow and profitability.

Retail is Detail - Three Tweaks You Can Make To Your Business That Bring Dramatic Cash Flow Click here to download presentation.

Mobile Point of Sale: In-Store and Off-Site Events

Presented by Ray Wener, Celerant Technology Corp.

The power of mobile computing is allowing retailers to conduct transactions with the same level of accuracy and with access to the same tools as a traditional POS interface using a tablet or other portable device.  With mobile POS systems, retailers can create robust temporary storefronts offsite at remote events or add transaction capacity to sales floors of existing locations.  Carrying a comprehensive POS solution in a handheld device enables retailers to serve customers wherever they are.  

Mobile Point of Sale: In-Store and Off-Site Events Click here to download presentation.

Utilizing SEO Strategies to Drive Business

Presented by Mandy Wodnick, Elevated Third

Focus on the importance of utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Topics will include recent Google algorithm updates, basic SEO and content marketing strategies.

Utilizing SEO Strategies to Drive Business  Click here to download presentation.  

How to Leverage In-store Inventory for Online Sales

Presented by Jared Snelson, Shopatron

Low snowfall in recent years has created a less-than-stellar sales forecast for the Snowsports retail industry. But by thinking outside the box with fulfillment, merchants can find ways to turn inventory even when the weather isn’t B6cooperating. In this session, learn how Mervin Manufacturing and its brands LibTech and GNU merged their offline and online retail channels in order to boost sales and turn inventory. By easily leveraging the ship-from-store fulfillment capabilities offered by Shopatron, Mervin was able to increase sales for more than 300 of their Snowsports retailers.

How to Leverage In-store Inventory for Online Sales  Click here to download presentation.

Your content plan is your new marketing plan.

Presented by Danielle Kristmanson & M-J Legault, Origin Design + Communications

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty. With case studies that are relevant to the Winter Sports Industry, Origin will present the 7 elements that form the building blocks for marketers to reference as they build their own content marketing programs. Session attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to apply this to their own marketing program and with some concrete tools and templates to get started or to improve their existing plans.

Your content plan is your new marketing plan.  Click here to download presentation.

From Zero to Snowsports Digital Marketing Hero in 10.5 Steps

Presented by Rob Rozicki, .SKI

Its tough navigating the world of digital marketing. Inbound vs. outbound, earned media vs paid, social vs. search. Content vs. Keyword. Traffic vs. Conversions. Where do you begin? How do you prioritize programs and campaigns? What tools should you use and importantly how do you track success? In this session you'll learn how to make digital marketing easy for your business or brand whatever your size. Take away specific tactics and strategies not more questions from this session.

From Zero to Snowsports Digital Marketing Hero in 10.5 Steps  Click here to download presentation.

Omni-Channel Retailing: Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

Presented by Rob Freda, Mariner Business Solutions

In today’s Omni-Channel (all channel) marketing environment, retailers must create a superior customer experience that converts shoppers to buyers, turns those buyers into loyal customers and ultimately creates lifelong advocates for their brand. Our seminar will discuss how the retailer can optimally set themselves up across Retail Store Operations, E-Commerce, the Corporate Office & the company Website. This type of configuration results in an integration-free environment between the channels and allows retailers to deliver seamless interaction with-and continuous engagement of shoppers across all customer touch points.

Omni-Channel Retailing: Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience  Click here to download presentation.

Moving the Mountains to the Masses

Presented by Charlotte Crawford, Indoor Ski USA

This presentation will discuss global warming and other challenges that have impacted the length and sustainability of a seasonal and geographically focused business, and the opportunities that they present. The session will describe how many countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia have provided new and experienced skiers and snowboards with a consistent, high-quality experience that will last a life-time.

Moving the Mountains to the Masses  Click here to download presentation.

20 Top Tools for Managing New Product Development

Presented by Pete Frickland, Concurrent Product Development, LLC

Whether doing contract manufacturing based on client requirements, or developing proprietary products based on latent consumer needs, successful product development follows a process that has been proven effective across a wide range of technologies and markets. Adapting that process to specific manufacturers may be straightforward, but choosing the correct tools to use to execute the process can be confusing.

This presentation will provide an adaptable framework for organizing, planning and controlling your product development effort along with a list of recommended, proven tools, methods and approaches that can be used to ensure proper execution of critical elements of the process.

20 Top Tools for Managing New Product Development  Click here to download presentation.

SnowSports Market Overview by Category

Presented by Kelly Davis, SIA

In today’s economy is it more important than ever to know exactly what is happening in the marketplace. In this seminar you will get a complete overview of the retail market and how it is evolving with changing consumer behavior. Additionally, you will learn about consumers in each category, who they are, what’s important to them, and a description of changes in the ways they’re shopping for products in the category. We will present overall category trends and provide a detailed overview of category retail data including sales, inventories and sell through and a tutorial on how to use the data presented. Finally, we will discuss predictive modeling techniques and opportunities for each category using available retail, economic, participation, weather and other data pertinent to category performance.

For each category we will present:

  • General description of the market and consumer behavior
  • Consumer demographics
  • Overall category performance data
  • Best selling products and other trends
  • Maximizing the utility of available data
  • Predictive modeling

Growth through Exports…Focus on the Asian Market.

Presented by Ann Edson and Nigel Moore, National ExporTech™ Team

Do you see growth opportunity in global markets – particularly Asia - but are struggling to carve out the time and resources to make it happen? Are you receiving inquiries from Asia or other regions, but not sure about how to penetrate these markets?
We will cover?

  • The export growth opportunity
  • What it takes to be successful in global markets
  • Resources available to assist you overseas
  • An overview of the Asian market
  • Experiences from Asia exporters in your markets
  • An overview of the ExporTech™ program

Our ExporTech™ clients have seen dramatic increases in sales through exports ($770K on average per company within 6-12 months). This session is a great place to get started in thinking about export growth strategy, and how to be successful in Asia or other global markets.

Increase Success with more Sales, Money, Clients, and Resources

Presented by Kelly Manning, Colorado SBC

Learn about free services that can assist your business in reaching the next level. The Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers free consulting in all aspects of business and has locations that cover the entire state. Increase revenue, sales, and clients through free assistance with financing, marketing, accounting, int. trade, social media, management, business plans, research, HR, taxes, websites, certifications, etc.

Outdoor Brands & Loyal Consumers: Five critical social strategies to establish brand loyalty in 2014

Presented by Christine Pierpoint, IMRE

1) Athletes & ambassadors who create value: How to leverage your athletes as catalysts by creating unique personal experiences that provide value for and engage your consumers.
2) Social & CRM integration: Purchase behavior, CRM and social activity collide to create the ultimate digital experience beneficial to the consumer and brand.
3) Mobile first: Offline experiences collide effortlessly with online channels, and vice versa, to create a seamless user experience.
4) Online personalization: The new consumer expects a personalized brand experience at every touchpoint.
5) Simple data: The intersection of storytelling and data.

The Marketing of the Backcountry

Moderated by Kristin Carpenter Ogden

Join brands and athletes and filmmakers for an open discussion on marketing the backcountry: is it a good idea to be selling this idea of fresh tracks? And if so, how can we also effectively teach education and consumer responsibility alongside all the ads of pretty photos of the backcountry?


Beyond Pink: exploring messaging and ways to connect with your female consumers

Presented by Codie Costello and Kathy Norford, Spawn

With women (or men!), your brand is at risk when you focus on stereotypes or extremes, emphasizing gender over behavior. Or when you assume all women are the same (wear pink). This session focuses on what women want from their outdoor gear and experiences, and how your brand can reach them through effective messaging. Quantitative and qualitative research with women from outdoor enthusiasts to Olympians informs our findings.


Moms Matter - The Secret to Growing the Ski Industry

Moderated by Krista Parry

FACT: Women control 85% of household spending.
How do we as an industry make it easier to KEEP and Bring back moms to the sport. This panel of expert 'moms' and women in the ski industry will help you understand how to leverage moms to grow your business.


Steep Life Protocols

Presented by Dean Cummings

Presentation will cover terrain management and 3 strikes methodology.


B.A.S.I.C.S. 3 - "Helmets Are Cool"

Presented by Roy Tuscany, High Fives

The B.A.S.I.C.S. 3 "Helmets Are Cool" program presents real-life injury stories of High Fives athletes intended to resonate with our audiences in ways promoting injury prevention and safety cognizance. The B.A.S.I.C.S. Program focuses specifically on helmet safety and usage in the winter action sports community. Each presentation runs an hour in length with an introduction and explanation of the High Fives Foundation followed by an 18-minute educational video called "Helmets Are Cool" and a question & answer session.


The Collision and Balance of Manufacturers & Retailers in a Direct Sales World

Presented by John Burton

The eCommerce landscape is fluid, becoming more impactful and challenging almost daily. Sales channel development and the role of mobile proliferation and social media in eCommerce is an intersection where retailers and manufacturers are competing for the same customers. This presentation will cover where eCommerce is going (mobile, social, etc) and how retailers need to prepare. How to balance manufacturers selling direct while still supporting the traditional retail sales channel. Strategic and tactical execution on how retailers and manufacturers can work together.


E-commerce and the Future of the Snow Sports Industry

Presented by Tom Flierl, HDC

80% of consumers are researching products online before buying and over 50% of consumers are leaving retailer sites to buy directly from brand sites. These numbers will continue to grow. What does this mean to the future of the snow sports industry?

Hanson Dodge Creative will explore the online possibilities for the snow sports industry for both retailers and manufacturers and provide insights and criteria for successfully growing revenue directly through channels.

Walk away with a better understanding of what motivates each generation of consumers to spend money today so that your business can deliver the best in class products to the retailers selling them.


Biomechanical proof that a binding with a lateral heel release can significantly reduce ACL-injury

Presented by Rick Howell

Valgus torque and tibia torque increase ACL strain more than either alone — and based on previous findings by Howell, both tibia torque and valgus torque are present during simulated potentially-injury-producing abduction-forces that appear to arise, in-part, from Slip Catch and Phantom Foot trauma-events in skiing. Variation in ski binding release-kinematics cause variation in peak valgus and peak tibial release torque in the presence of applied simulated abduction-forces. It is therefore posited — and proven, biomechanically — that special kinematics that are fully-coupled with combined-valgus-tibial release-torque can limit strain that would otherwise exceed the rupture limit of the ACL.


Shopping Isn’t What It Used To Be

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

Todays’ consumers have more options than ever on where to shop – and more than 50% of all shoppers are doing research before heading to a store or to a website to make their purchases. This seminar will focus on helping independent retailers understand the tools that todays’ consumers are using during the shopping experience and offer retailers ways to train sales associates to work with these tools and to sell the features and benefits for an immediate purchase. The session will focus on helping retailers learn how consumers are researching brands today and help them understand how to create sales approaches that turn browsers into buyers and help create brand loyal customers for years to come.


Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2014

Presented by Sean Roylance, Merchant

Consumers expect businesses to not only have a Facebook page, but to interact with them through it. Businesses that do not have an effective Facebook strategy are missing out on an excellent opportunity to improve customer relations and increase sales. Learn the latest tactics to effectively market on Facebook and find new customers. Come see real world examples of how small businesses are using new Facebook features to increase sales.


Avalanche Education and Building Brand Loyalty

Presented by Friends of Berthoud Pass

Friends of Berthoud Pass and the Colorado Front Range ski community are a model of how avalanche educators, product manufacturers and local retailers can build, grow and support each other to maximum advantage. This market segment is growing with no signs of slowing down. Here's how to tap into it for the long term.some concrete tools and templates to get started or to improve their existing plans.


Advanced Digital Marketing: How To Google Adwords to Drive Your Business

Presented by Dan Smink & Dan Stratford, C1 Partners

This course will be seminar that will enable the attendees to take action after they leave. It will walk through how a company can use Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Marketing to augment what they are already doing for digital marketing for their business.


SAM Magazine Rental Roundtable - Putting Performance Into Rental

Presented by SAM Magazine

In both snowboarding and skiing, performance rentals are hot items. Products in demand range from intermediate-level gear to specialty items such as splitboards and twintip skis. Come find out about the latest trends and how to profit from them.


Your Customers Know More About Your Business Than You Do (When It Comes To Social Media)

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

In this seminar, we’ll explore how your customers are researching brands before they purchase and what tools they are using to do so. Even if you’re not involved or using these tools, your customers are- which makes it critical for your business to “catch up” and understand them better. This seminar will help retailers understand how they can use these tools to effectively connect with brands and how you can start using these same tools to provide marketing messages your customers will find!


Made In USA


A panel discussion with premiere brands of the ski and snowboard industry; speaking about their risk/rewards, trials and tribulations, and why being built in the USA matters to the future of our sport.


Avalanche Safety Messages... Now and into the Future

Presented by Ben Pritchett, AIARE

AIARE will bring SIA members up to speed on the current and future trajectory of avalanche safety messaging in the US.  Specifically, we'll investigate avalanche awareness messaging in use today, a status update on Project ZERO, and the implications on avalanche safety messaging for retailers and manufacturers.


Kid's Play: Making Rental Fun

Product and process contribute a lot to the success of kids’ rental and instruction programs. People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing. Find out the latest about how to show young renters a good time.


Managing and Leveraging Your Product Data

Presented by Bob Goldman, FindTheBest.com

Best practices for managing and distributing your product data online. As a manufacturer, learn how to control your online presence and acquire new customers organically by carefully maintaining your product specifications and distributing them accordingly.


The Birds and the Bees of Product Development and Intellectual Property Protection

Presented by philip Matthews and Jon Hart, Webb IP Law Group

Come find out about product development best practices, and when and how to best protect your intellectual property.


How to Impact the Snow Consumer Outside of Snow-Specific Media & Marketing

Moderated by Kelsey Comstock

It’s a given that to reach your snow consumer, you want to be in every issue of SKI, Skiing and Freeskier magazines. But is every consumer you want to reach reading those mags or engaging in those channels via social? The average snow enthusiast has a plethora of other interests – travel, fashion, fitness, even cuisine. This session will let attendees speak with a panel of media and brand reps to break down the ins and outs of capturing snow sports enthusiasts through seemingly irrelevant channels. Learn how to deepen your consumer base by connecting with these vertical interest groups.


Collaborative Consumption and Social Sharing: What This Means for Your Brand

Presented by Olivia Mannix & Jennifer DeFalco, MARCA Strategic

With the innovation of collaborative consumption and social sharing, branding and marketing are contingent upon the consumer marketplace. The feedback system of social media - and the instant gratification of experiencing a product or service before it is purchased - are giving companies less control over their brand image. If a brand does not have a solid foundation, it will be dissipated into the transparent market we now live in. We will divulge these ideas and discuss some strategies to help brands use this transparency to their advantage, to be at the forefront of this perpetually-evolving industry. releases).


Steep Life Protocols Presentation and Multiburial Search Contest

Presented by Dean Cummings

The winning multiburial search team on Friday gets prizes from our partners SCARPA, iON, Grivel, MSR, AKKA, and H2OG, and is automatically entered to win a pair of H2OG Kodiak skis. The prizes and skis will be given away at the annual Steep Life Protocols party at the Hyatt on Friday night.

All participants in the multiburial contest on Friday will get schwag and can also enter to win the pair of H2OG Kodiak skis that will be give away at the Hyatt party.


Sensor Revolution - Merging of Electronic Sensors and Hard Goods

Presented by David Lokshin, Alpine Replay

The presentation will describe how a wide availability of electronic sensors and smart phones will convert hard goods as ski, snowboards, helmets into smart goods and how retailer and suppliers can leverage this transformation.


Making More Money With Less Marketing Dollars

Presented by Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, CBCG

As a retailer, connecting with customers today isn’t always about spending the most money on marketing tools.
This seminar explores the wide variety of tools (social media, scheduling and other tools) that retailers can use to save both time and effort in order to connect with today’s connected consumers. Learn what tools work well - and which ones are time drainers – as you work toward making daily connections with customers to drive them to your
store to make purchases again and again.


Avalanche Airbag Category Overview


  • The differences between airbag systems
  • Upcoming changes in technologies & certification
  • Status on TSA requirements
  • Shipping HazMat
  • Airbag customers and Avalanche Awareness
  • Market data (channel, brand share, price points, etc.)

Creating Your Custom Loyalty Program

Presented by Jean-Marc Blais

Learn how to get better customer retention, build loyalty and acquisition and make more profits by recognizing your better customers; for Retailers, Resorts and Companies.


The Annual Rental World Reception

Cocktails will be served with industry peers who exchanged stories at the end of the day before heading out for the evening.
store to make purchases again and again.


Jeremy Jones - Further, Deeper, now Higher

Backcountry Experience

Meet Jeremy Jones, see the trailer for his newest movie, hear the story behind how the trilogy came together and grab a beer.
store to make purchases again and again.


You Don't Need a Mobile App

Presented by 303 Software

Mobile web is the future of customer engagement. There is significant opportunity to utilize existing resources to increase brand awareness on a mobile scale without the expense of a native mobile app. Put more value behind your product itself by offering a relevant mobile experience through a rich, responsive mobile website.


Private Label Products – Your opportunity for growth and increased profitability

Presented by Pierre Rainville, ESSE North America

Private label products are the future for retailers that want to obtain higher margins and position themselves to succeed in a tight economy. It is a business that is not just accessible to larger retailers. We will discuss the benefits of private label and explain the process of developing a private label business.
store to make purchases again and again.


Building Brands in a Digital World: Content. Engage. Measure.

Presented by Bill Cutting

Whether you're a brand struggling to quantify value from your sponsored athletes, or an athlete who needs to quantify your potential brand value for a sponsor, you HAVE to understand brand strategy, how to deploy it into digital channels, and then precisely measure ROI using the latest analytics tools. This informal workshop features an all-star panel of experts from the snowsports industry content creation, and technology who will offer fascinating perspectives on how they produce and measure results. Todd Jones (Founder: Teton Gravity Research), Drew Phillips (Analyst: Adobe), Jordan Judd (V.P. Salomon), Ashley Otte, (Powder), Mike Brown (Sweetgrass Productions), Jared Willardsen (Virality Farm/Nitro Circus), pro skier Todd Legere.


Mitigating Price Erosion Through Proactive Brand Protection

Presented by David Howell, Channel IQ

No Brand or Retailer wants to have to deal with an eroding margin. But who’s responsibility is it to manage product prices; Manufacturer or Retailer? In this candid session David Howell, Director of Brand Protection for Channel IQ will discuss the current brand protection landscape, and how brand and retailer can both take a proactive stance toward managing pricing.


The 4 secrets to maximizing mobile marketing

Presented by David Cutler

We will have an open discussion about your needs and examples of how to 1) Engage New Customers, 2) Help Current Customers Do More, 3) Make Something New, 4) Improve Internal Processes.

For all businesses looking to start or evolve their mobile phone plans to build their business and communicate better.


Inspiration Through Digital Storytelling

Presented by: Jeff Werkheiser, Turner PR

Every brand has a story to tell, but those of us lucky enough to work in the snow sports industry know that the stories we can share range from exciting to breathtaking to incredible. The snow sports product is extremely visual, and every brand involved has a part of not only the bigger story but a very unique one as well. Getting that inspiring content in front of consumers, fans and followers is more important now than ever before. Get the people dreaming through your digital and social storytelling; we'll talk through how to build a content strategy that tells your brand's story.


Building brand loyalty and engagement with a #hashtag.

Presented by David Poussard, Larrikin Lab

  • Drive customer engagement across multiple social media channels in real time.
  • Create an authentic story around your brand or product with crowd sourced content.
  • Promote your brand's message exponentially across multiply social channels through organic sharing of content.
  • Push traffic to your brand's website with a social hub publishing your best crowd sourced content in real time.
  • Launch engaging campaigns quickly and inexpensively.

From Concept to Completion, The Creation of a Garment

Presented by John Andreae, Vertical Source, Inc.

Utilizing experts to highlight the crucial variables throughout the process of creating a garment. The levels include design, textiles & product development, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing and quality & logistics.


Financing Your Growing Company

Presented by LSQ Funding Group and US Bank

The purpose of the seminar is to educate and provide options for managing growth and securing capital in a growth environment. LSQ and US Bank will provide options for securing working capital, lines of credit, leasing and other financing options. Financing and banking professionals will be available to answer all related questions.


Scaling the north face of design + product development towards the summit of success

Presented by Patrick Monahan & Jason P. Belaire, PM Product Development

Infuse your in-house design department with new excitement and perspective, expand the breadth of your design department, work with an expert to start something new and embrace how the power of the small design firm can propel your new product toward success. A successful new product must meet a series of functional and emotional needs. Come join us for a look at how to take your concept from an idea to a consumer ready design.
store to make purchases again and again.



“The Show was awesome! Tons of traffic and excitement, which we were really excited about. We’ll be back every year moving forward. We’ve gotten new business from being here, and as a launch year, it’s been absolutely great.”
Tracy Bordwell, Creative and Technical Design, Fate Clothing

"As a snow-sports journalist, I find the SIA Snow Show to be an invaluable resource. There's nowhere else I can survey all of the latest gear and get face time with interesting suppliers, retailers, athletes, and other industry movers all in one place."
Sam Bass, editor-in-chief, Skiing Magazine

“You have everyone in one place, so you can see everything you need and get an idea of where trends are going. It’s a good overview of what’s going on in the industry. Last year we picked up a couple new lines that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked up had I not gone to SIA. The Show gets you psyched.”
Jim Slanetz, Owner, Board Bin, ID

“From our standpoint, our line has gotten larger each year, and the exposure at the Show is huge. There are so many people here and this Show seems to grow every year, it’s really beneficial for our sales reps to be here.”
Carrie Crogan, Trade Show Coordinator, Under Armour

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