Jan 25, 2017
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 26-29, 2017
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Snow
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Jan. 30-31, 2017
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO


Browse the 2016 SIA Snow Show Seminars and Clinics schedule which include topics on marketing, research, production, trends and sales. Each seminar is designed to touch upon informative key tools for your business, staff and branding.

Jan 27 Jan 28 Jan 29 Jan 30 Speakers
9A-10:30A Meeting Room 1

Kelly Davis, SIA

Category Overview – Hardgoods (Alpine & Snowboard)

The Hardgoods and Softgoods seminars will include presentations and discussions about retail sales and about snow sports consumers. Seminar participants will walk away with vital information about key market and consumer trends.

We will review early-season retail results including sales trends by category and region, best sellers, and likely outcomes at retail for the remainder of the 2014/2015 season.

SIA Research will present initial findings of the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project; what the study has uncovered about participants and potential participants and what we will need to do to grow our participant base and sales in the snow sports market.

The presentations will include detailed consumer data relevant for both hardgoods and softgoods categories including historical trends in the snow sports consumer base, detailed demographic and psychographic data in key regions like Southern California, Boston, Denver, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Chicago, and key consumer trends that are likely to have significant impacts on the snow sports market now and in the future.

9:30A-10:30A Meeting Room 3

Peter Malen Jr, Workman Nydegger, PC

Don't Let Someone Else Poach Your Line - Strategies for Defining and Protecting Your Brand

The session will provide thoughts on points to consider when developing a branding strategy. The session will also include ideas on how to develop and implement a branding strategy. Finally, the session will address monitoring and enforcement as they relate to the branding strategy.

10:30A-12P Meeting Room 1

Kelly Davis, SIA

Category Overview – Softgoods (Apparel & Accessories)

The Hardgoods and Softgoods seminars will include presentations and discussions about retail sales and about snow sports consumers. Seminar participants will walk away with vital information about key market and consumer trends.

We will review early-season retail results including sales trends by category and region, best sellers, and likely outcomes at retail for the remainder of the 2014/2015 season.

SIA Research will present initial findings of the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project; what the study has uncovered about participants and potential participants and what we will need to do to grow our participant base and sales in the snow sports market.

The presentations will include detailed consumer data relevant for both hardgoods and softgoods categories including historical trends in the snow sports consumer base, detailed demographic and psychographic data in key regions like Southern California, Boston, Denver, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Chicago, and key consumer trends that are likely to have significant impacts on the snow sports market now and in the future.

11A-12P Meeting Room 2

Kathleen Brown and Lisel Ferguson, Partners and Co-leaders of the firm’s Sports and Active Lifestyle Practice with Procopio

Avoid a Biff; Protect Your IP! The Basics You'll Need from A to Z

Intellectual property (IP) rights can be the most valuable assets that a company has, but often times they are not adequately protected. Identifying and protecting your company’s IP is imperative for raising funding and for the future success of your company. This presentation will give you a basic understanding of the different types of IP protection, how to identify IP rights, and how to protect IP rights through patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We’ll also address common mistakes to avoid in regard to protection of your company’s IP rights.

11A-12A Meeting Room 3

Pete Frickland, Concurrent PD & Lynette Seebohm, Concurrent Strategies

Driving Product Performance: How to Best Use Product Managers

Product Managers (PMs) pilot the future of a company’s product line offerings. Clarifying their roles and carefully integrating them into the operation of an organization dramatically increases their value and effectiveness. This seminar will help clarify your understanding of what Product Managers do and how to best use their talents.

11A-12A Meeting Room 4

Craig Randall, Verde Brand Communications

What to do with your retail customers in the off season?

So what happens to the momentum you built from November to April when backcountry skiing and other winter pursuits were all that mattered to your customers and helped build awareness and enthusiasm? Don’t let all the hard work become just a one-time effort. Here are tips based on our experience helping clients in seasonal sport-specific categories.

12P-1:30P Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Bryan Johnston, VP of International Marketing, GoPro

A Million Warren Millers: How Digital Media is Revolutionizing Winter Sports

In this talk, keynote Bryan Johnston, Vice President of International Marketing at GoPro, highlights how short form content and the democratization of video production has created a grassroots explosion in the promotion of the winter sports industry. Additionally, Chris Davenport will join Bryan on stage to lead a dynamic Q&A discussion. Complimentary light lunch provided.

1:30P-2:30P Meeting Room 1

Michael Berry, NSAA

NSAA State of the Industry 2015/16

Join Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association, for a review of the current state of the snow sports industry. This session will cover snow sports demographics, financial performance metrics, visitation trends, and operational best practices.

1:30P-2:30P Meeting Room 2

Jay Atkinson, Blue Acorn

Know Your Customers to Keep Your Edge Online

Optimizing your site, that is, enhancing its design and functionality to better meet the expectations of your customers, can be accomplished in a number of ways with a wide variety of technologies, but what it all comes down to is this: By giving each individual customer - or type of customer - an online experience that is tailored to them and free of friction, you will turn more shoppers into customers, retain more of those customers, and make them love your brand. In this session, you’ll learn about the types of tools used to better understand your customers, the ways in which these insights can be applied throughout the customer journey, and how such tools can be used together to deliver the best experiences possible for your customers.

1:30P-2:30P Meeting Room 3

Issa Sawabini, Fuse

Understanding & Marketing to Gen Z: Creating a Vision to Reach Your Future Consumer

As these consumers are born from 1995 to the present, this presentation will focus on Gen Z teens, ages 13 – 18 year old. This would include Who is Gen Z, purchase power, psychographics, how to market to them and how they differ from Millennials.

1:30P-2:30P Meeting Room 4

Dan Jablons, Management One

Trade Secrets! What are Other Retailers Doing To Be Successful?

Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow. In this economy, now is the time to get a competitive edge and increase market share. Discover the industry secrets that successful retailers know, and learn how to implement these changes into your business to find better cash flow, better profitability, and more fun at your stores.



The Shmooz - Industry Job Fair and Networking Event

The Shmooz returns to the 2016 SIA Snow Show where job seekers meet face-to-face with industry suppliers, resorts and organizations. Hosted by Malakye.com and SIA, this snow industry job fair is the premiere hiring event of the year. It is free for both exhibitors and attendees.   

3P-4P Meeting Room 1

Nate Fristoe, RRC

An Exploration of the Evolving Snow Sports Consumer

After over 30 years of developing a product and resort experience tailored to the needs of the baby boomer, resorts are now adapting to the very different preferences and participation patterns of a younger generation. This session will focus on key findings from recent research designed to provide actionable guidance on adapting to this new market.

3P-4P Meeting Room 2

Greg Zakowicz, Bronto Software

Key Lifecycle Marketing Tactics That Drive Revenue

Go beyond batch-and-blast email marketing to speak to customers and prospects in the most timely, targeted and relevant way possible using lifecycle marketing. Speaking to contacts based on where they are in their relationship with you and on actions they’ve just taken will drive higher engagement, better relationships, increased ROI and new revenue.

3PA-4P Meeting Room 3

Pete Frickland, Concurrent PD & Lynette Seebohm, Concurrent Strategies

Like, Follow, Blog or Tweet: Picking Effective Consumer Research (Fielding) Strategies

Learn how to conduct consumer market research using your social media toolkit. Hear how to generate a confluence of consumer research and consumer engagement using real-world examples. It’s easy and effective to conduct consumer market research using your social media toolkit. This seminar will describe how to conduct effective product development market research using readily available social media tools.

3P-4P Meeting Room 4

Dan Holman, Management One


Join Dan Holman as he reveals a 12-step program to creating a healthier retail environment; maximizing revenue with more satisfied customers, an inspired sales team driven by results, an inventory that produces cash and ultimately allows you to Win at Retail.

4:30P-5:30PMeeting Room 1

Kelly Davis, SIA; Nate Fristoe, RRC

Accurately Sizing the Snow Sports Market

A comparative analysis of the research and tools SIA and NSAA use to estimate the size and characteristics of the snow sports market in the U.S. Learn how you can use these various research tools to get a clearer view of your market.

4:30P-5:30P Meeting Room 2

Jessica Kaplan, Style & Trends Consultant


SIA attendees can learn more about the snow sports industry in Denver this year with Trend Consultant and Writer, Jessica Kaplan. Jessica will focus on various overarching trends with key points that shine a specific light on fashion, style and cultural movements both inside and outside the worlds of skiing and snowboarding.

4:30P-5:30P Meeting Room 3

Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, Sports Industry Veteran and University of Oregon Sports Product Management Program Director

Sport Product Management: The Race for Sustainable Innovation

The Sports Product Management leadership at the University of Oregon explores how sustainable innovation is changing the sports product landscape. Trends, best practices, and ways to remain competitive will be discussed.

4:30P-5:30P Meeting Room 4

Sean Roylance, Rain Retail

Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2016

The evolution of Facebook’s news feed is changing the way we reach our customers. We’ll examine organic posts vs groups vs paid ads and discuss how Facebook fits in to your internet marketing mix. Come learn the latest tactics to effectively market on Facebook and increase sales.

Jay Atkinson

Blue Acorn

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Jay Atkinson is the director of eCommerce optimization at Blue Acorn, an eCommerce agency that focuses exclusively on the design, development, and optimization of eCommerce sites for brands and retailers. With a background in omni-channel commerce and brand development, Jay brings over 15 years of experience in graphic design, eCommerce web design, usability, and web technologies to his role at Blue Acorn. Over his career, Jay has worked with clients like Sony, Harley Davidson, Tumi, and many others. Jay now helps Blue Acorn’s clients achieve their goals of presenting a unified brand image and finding continued success across all channels.

Greg Bennett & Caleb Yell

Point of Rental

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Michael Berry


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Joe Blair

Rogers Corporation

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Dan Brown


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Dan Brown is Director of SMB Sales & Sales Development at Handshake, where he focuses on helping manufacturers and wholesale distributors harness the power of technology to make more sales. Since joining Handshake in 2014, Dan has interacted with hundreds of business owners, sales leaders, and IT professionals across a variety industries looking to improve their sales processes and build better customer experiences with B2B commerce solutions.

Kathleen Brown

Sports and Active Lifestyle Practice Group

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Kathleen is co-chair of Sports and Active Lifestyle Practice Group. She has extensive international experience in the practice of patent, trademark and copyright law for businesses, products and services of all kinds. Her practice encompasses US and foreign trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, infringement matters and patent, trademark and copyright litigation and anti-counterfeiting, in China, Eastern Europe and worldwide. She has in-depth expertise in a broad range of sectors including financial services, food and beverages, consumer products, transportation systems, fitness equipment, technology and action sports products and services. Kathleen provides strategic product portfolio management for clients including worldwide trademark monitoring to identify conflicting applications and potential counterfeiting and infringement, identification of the potential financial impact and then prioritizing appropriate enforcement actions.

Jim Davidson


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As an expert in email, mobile and social strategies, Jim brings over 15 years of experience in online marketing, managing email and cross-channel programs for top retail clients. From strategic vision to implementation, Jim has led clients to successfully meet aggressive revenue and performance goals. As Bronto's Head of Research, he regularly publishes industry-focused white papers, research reports and contributes to the Bronto blog. His articles can be found in publications such as DMNews, ClickZ, Total Retail and Multichannel Merchant. He has also spoken at numerous industry events, including IRCE, eTail East, eTail Canada, MarketLive Summit and Magento Imagine, and has been featured in Forbes, USAToday and NPR’s Marketplace.

Chris Faught

Affirm, Inc.

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Lisel Ferguson

Sports and Active Lifestyle Practice Group

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Lisel is co-chair of Procopio’s Sports and Active Lifestyle Practice Group. Her practice focuses on patent, trademark and copyright prosecution worldwide, and intellectual property litigation throughout the US. Lisel has handled matters involving computer hardware and software, sporting goods, apparel, the Internet, entertainment, medical devices, agricultural products and services and consumer goods. She is admitted to practice before all the Federal and State Courts in California, the US Court of Appeals, the US District Court of Colorado, the US District Court of Arizona and the US District Court of Utah, as well as Federal Circuit Court.

Jason Ford

C1 Partners

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Jason Ford joined C1 Partners as a seasoned Account Manager in 2014. Prior to joining C1, he co-founded Digital Thought, an online marketing and strategy company based in Miami. Jason brings a strategic mindset and a uniquely comprehensive skillset in online marketing, branding, and digital strategy. He is Google AdWords Certified and has experience using a wide variety of top SEO and PPC tools to analyze clients, competitors, markets, and industries. When not behind a computer, he can usually be found with camera in hand exploring the wonderful state of Colorado.

Pete Frickland

Concurrent PD

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Since the mid ‘70’s, Pete has been involved in developing new and improved products and driving them to market. Beginning with build-to-print composite aerospace components, he graduated to one-off build-to-spec deep space and terrestrial applications at CalTech/JPL. From there, he moved to Seattle to head consumer-driven product development at Cascade Designs. During his 20 years at Cascade, he oversaw the integrated growth and development of several well-known product-driven outdoor brands, including Therm-a-Rest, MSR, SealLine, Platypus, PackTowl and Tracks. Along the way, he was instrumental in the development and commercialization of hundreds of new products.

For the past 9 years, Pete has been an independent consultant specializing in the application of pragmatic product development management processes, methods and tools that have proven themselves to be effective at getting more of the right products to market, faster, and with fewer resources.

Nate Fristoe


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Jay Habegger


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Jay has been a guest speaker at events attended by C-level marketing executives discussing the evolution of digital shopper marketing, retailer monetization, and programmatic advertising. He has also written several bylines on the same subjects for prominent advertising and retail publications such as AdAge, Internet Retailer, Dealerscope, and TWICE Magazine. In addition, Habegger was acknowledged in The Rayno Report’s 2014 list of Top 11 ad tech visionaries. OwnerIQ has been named in Ad Age’s 2015 B2B Best Awards and as a Hot Tech to Watch in 2014.

Dan Holman

Management One

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Dan has spent 25 years in the retail and service industries. Specializing in marketing & business development, inventory planning, operations and customer driven sales management. He is an award winning business coach with a proven understanding of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. Dan spent 16 years in senior management and ownership roles with multi-store, home fashion retailers before joining Canadian Retail Solutions in 2013. As their Director of Retail Planning he works with clients coast to coast in Canada and throughout the US representing hundreds of retail categories. He is the co-creator and facilitator of the Wealthy Retailer Series – a successive in-depth look at key areas for growing and nurturing stores to maximize their profit potential.

Dan Jablons

Management One

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Dan Jablons worked in retail while attending the Ohio State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Production. He has worked with retailers such as Walmart, Target, JC Penney, American Apparel, Donna Karan, Jimmy Choo, Charles David, Diesel, Oakley, Tumi, Hollywood Bowl, and many others. He has worked for a clothing manufacturer where he piloted vendor-managed inventory programs, a leading point-of-sale provider (where he installed systems and provided merchandising help to retailers large and small) and internet marketing (where he helped retailers establish a presence on the web.) In addition to his vast retail background, Dan also has a background in improvisational theatre. He has performed with comedy troupes all across the USA, and recently appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan combines his extensive knowledge of retail with his comedy skills to become one of the industry's most popular speakers. He has spoken at Magic, at local municipal and trade show events, and many other venues.

Luke Jacobson

Moment Skis

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Bryan Johnston

VP of International Marketing, GoPro

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Bryan Johnston is the Vice President of International Marketing at GoPro where he is responsible for overseeing the company’s global advertising and marketing. He joined the company in 2015 with more than 20 years of experience in sports, working previously as the CMO for the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, the Vice President of Marketing for Burton Snowboards and the Vice President of North American brand management for Adidas-Salomon.

Todd Jones

Teton Gravity Research

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Teton Gravity Research Co-Founder Todd Jones grew up on Cape Cod and spent the weekends skiing in Stowe, VT. He is a 1989 graduate of Kimball Union Academy. Transferring from St. Lawrence University to the University of Montana, Todd majored in English/Creative Writing. Todd is a cinematographer, producer, and director. He has also been a professional skier, heli ski guide, commercial fisherman, and graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School. The idea for Teton Gravity Research was born in 1995. At the time, action sports was in it's infancy. Todd, his brother and two partners had been skiing in front of the camera and working in the industry for a few years. They sensed a need for change and evolution in the industry. Over the past seventeen years, TGR has become the vehicle for that change. The company has continually been on the leading edge of technology and progression in action sports filmmaking. TGR's work has been nominated and won many awards from festivals around the globe including Best Picture and Best Cinematography from numerous festivals such as the Banff Film Festival, the Surfer Poll Awards, and Powder Video Awards .Todd has co-directed 25 feature films for TGR and executive produced television shows and series for Showtime, Fuel TV, and NBC. On the commercial side of things, Todd has been Director of Photography, Director, and Second Unit Director on various television commercials for clients such as Nissan, HP, Energizer, Under Armour, and Gatorade.

Jessica Kaplan,

Style & Trends Consultant

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A mountain girl since childhood, Jessica Kaplan has turned her love of the outdoors into a career spanning two decades, working with giants in sports, fashion, entertainment and media. Skiing since the age of five, Jessica took every chance to get on snow. And when she finally learned how to snowboard at 18, it changed everything; spending her college years selling snowboards in New York City. After graduation, Jessica moved to Lake Tahoe, California riding 100+ days a season for two inspiring years – coming back to the East Coast only after landing highly competitive sales and marketing positions with Burton Snowboards and later with OBEY Clothing and WeSC.

Jessica slowly shifted gears and parlayed her expertise into writing gigs for various publications including: Blackbook, The New York Times, Spin, AOL Music, Nylon and Psychopedia.com. By 2009, Jessica began another five year time period as Active Editor, Team Lead, for Stylesight — which is now WGSN — the industry-leading content and technology provider for style, fashion and trend. As a senior member of the editorial team, Jessica covered trend in the Active Market from a global vantage point. Jessica embraced a variety of content, from athlete and brand profiles to trend direction for specific sport markets. Her prowess additionally took her to cover street style fashion and athletes’ looks at Coachella, the Burton US Open of Snowboarding, US Open of Tennis, The New York City Marathon, Wanderlust, US Open of Surfing and Quiksilver’s 40th Anniversary in Paris. Jessica’s vast knowledge of outdoor equipment and apparel also put her on the global trade show circuit, covering AGENDA, SIA, Interbike, ISPO and Outdoor Retailer.

Taking the reins under her own direction during the fall of 2013, Jessica now focuses her efforts in contributing to various publications including most recently with Footwear News, along with her own platform. www.JessicaKaplanonline.com. Jessica additionally partners with a select group of clients in creative services – offering expert guidance in trend along with marketing and brand direction.

Jessica Kaplan lives and works in New York City.

Jason King,


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Jason started his professional career at government contractor Northrop Grumman where he helped build systems used for overseas tracking of foreign threats. During his time at Northrop, he gained a love for web based systems, but felt the commercial space was a more engaging venue for digital experiences. His interest in ground breaking technologies led him to start his own design and development consultancy helping aspiring companies leverage technology to transform their businesses.

In 2006, Jason formalized Accella and hired the company's first full time employee. The focus of Accella would be a positive work environment, a passion for customer service and communication, an eye towards new technology and innovation, and a foundation in creating robust and extensible websites and applications through the hiring of highly experienced, highly communicative, and an ultra-flexible team of designers and developers across the country. The result is a thriving design and development agency focusing on the implementation of robust systems for both growing businesses and enterprise organizations alike.


Ian Lancaster

C1 Partners

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Ian Lancaster joined C1 in early 2015 where he quickly grew into his role as an Account Manager, and has been thriving with C1P ever since. In his role with C1P he manages the day-to-day interactions with clients and their needs for Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Website Development, and other areas. Ian graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2015 with his BS in marketing, and a side emphasis in music business, and he has certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Inbound Marketing.

Jake Laski

US Bank

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Jake is a Commercial Banking Relationship Manager at U.S. Bank in Glenwood Springs. He has been with the bank for almost 10 years, moving to the mountains after graduating from college at the University of Northern Colorado and getting married. While his 2 children have kept him away from the slopes as of late, you will still see him on the slopes from time to time.

David Lively

Grey Suit Retail

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David Lively has over 25 years of business ownership experience. In the retail home furnishings industry, he has worked in all areas from the sales floor to the warehouse to the boardroom. He has talked the talk and walked the walk all the way from family-owned, single-site stores to multi-state, multi-million dollar operations; from sales training to computer programming; from warehouse construction and operations to financial management; and from new store construction to complete renovation. David currently serves on the Board of Directors of the North American Home Furnishings Association (NAHFA) and has been a featured speaker at the Las Vegas World Market Center, the High Point Furniture Market and Myriad Software Annual User Conferences. From his start as a salesperson to his latest role as industry consultant and all positions in between, David's wisdom was won on the front lines and his battle scars have given him a compassion for helping today's business owners.

Peter Malen Jr.

Workman Nydegger, PC

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Areas of Focus: STRATEGY: Development and implementation of intellectual property (IP) protection strategies for US and foreign clients. SECURING CLIENT RIGHTS: preparation/prosecution of US and foreign patent and trademark applications. OPINIONS OF COUNSEL: preparation of opinions concerning validity, infringement and freedom to operate. DILIGENCE; due diligence investigations. TRANSACTIONAL; licensing. OTHER: trade secrets counseling; infringement investigations. FOREIGN: advance client rights with assistance of foreign counsel in foreign jurisdictions including Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT; management of client IP portfolios ranging in size from a single patent to 900+ patents.

Tyler Mandroian

C1 Partners

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Tyler leads Operations for C1P, and he brings with him the experience of developing and executing the online marketing strategies for dozens of small businesses in both in-house and agency environments. Holding certificates in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, Tyler has a unique understanding in how to leverage the power of online marketing for small businesses.

Since graduating from Arizona State University, Tyler has managed the online marketing efforts for leaders in consumer retail, medical software, and commercial landscaping fields. Tyler’s experience ranges across many different scales, from locally owned boutique establishments to nationwide retail powerhouses. Tyler’s specialty lies in crafting the SEO efforts around clients’ strengths to increase the relevancy and profitability of their entire marketing efforts.

Philip Matthews

JP Webb

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Philip Matthews is currently an Attorney with the JP Webb in Salt Lake City. His primary focus is on brand protection, trademarks, copyrights and licensing. Philip spends most of his time counseling clients on how to reduce their risk of intellectual property infringement while maximizing their intellectual property protection. This practice includes acquiring, licensing, and selling trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets on both a national and international level, including acquisition of non-traditional trademarks for clients such as certain colors, product arrangements, and product shapes. Some of Philip’s greatest accomplishments include management of over 200 trademarks in the United States, prosecution of trademarks in over 40 countries, and successful defense and enforcement in many infringement matters. Philip is originally from Portland Oregon and attended the University of Utah where he received his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Economics graduating on the Dean’s List, and later attended Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane Washington on a merit scholarship.

Kristin Ogden-Carpenter

Verde Brand Communications

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Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is founder and CEO of two successful companies: Verde Brand Communications, one of the leading brand communications agencies in the active lifestyle market, and LivingUber, a coaching and consulting business dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs as they grow their brand and business.

She had a successful, decade-long journalism career for major consumer, business and trade outlets prior to founding Verde. Over the past 13 years, she’s grown Verde from one person working in the basement with an infant in tow, to 33 amazing brand-communications practitioners and from two clients to 56. Verde now has four regional offices.

Kristin was reared in the passion-driven industries of outdoor, bike, snowsports, travel and fitness. She applies her proprietary and successful Passion-Driven Branding™ approach to integrated brand communications, resulting in activated, loyal customers, sales and hyper-loyal brand enthusiasts for her clients. Simply put, the approach is about infusing authenticity, emotion and the founder’s vision into a brand to connect to end consumers, fans and followers. While this approach has always worked in the history of Verde, it’s firing on all cylinders now, with the advent of consumer-direct marketing and branding tactics. In her work supporting entrepreneurs, she helps business owners and visionaries to design businesses that support a lifestyle that enables ample time to enjoy and revel in personal passions. Kristin embodies this approach. An avid cyclist, climber and mountaineer, she has built her dream lifestyle in a small mountain town. She’s a wife and mother of two active kids.

As founder of LivingUber, Kristin is able to pursue her passion of working with the personal brands of entrepreneurs, authors, CEOs and thought leaders. LivingUber is her platform to coach her Passion-Driven Business and Branding approach to connect brands and products with engaged online audiences. This method has successfully differentiated Verde’s clients very consistently.

Over the years, her expertise has been honored with accolades, including winning SNEWS PR agency of the year (first place and second place, respectively). She’s also inspired and entertained audiences at SIA and OR, as well as FORMULA 4 Media events. Kristin produces a weekly Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast and newsletter as well, which can be accessed at www.livinguber.com/podcasts. Kristin resides in Durango, Colorado with her husband and two children.

Travis Peacock

LSQ Funding Group

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Travis Pocock is a Regional Manager and SVP of Business Development for LSQ Funding Group. Travis has been in commercial banking for 12 years and loves making business owners dreams come true with working capital solutions. If not working with a client to find a working capital solution or at a bank supporting his clients, Travis can be found spending time with his family here in Denver or in the beautiful mountains skiing or fly fishing.

Justin Poole

Blue Acorn

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Justin Poole is the strategic partnerships manager at Blue Acorn, where he takes pride in vetting and working with the best technology companies in the eCommerce industry so that Blue Acorn's team and clients have the tools they need to succeed. He’s seen the sales pitches, heard the questions brands and retailers wish they had asked, and conducted surveys on the topic. His goal is to provide every brand and online retailer with a list of smart questions that will help them find the best vendor for them.

Craig Randall

Verde Brand Communications

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A voracious reader and media junkie, Craig’s always watching for what’s next with content and how it’s consumed. He is steeped in traditional PR execution, formerly managing accounts in the bike, consumer tech, and active lifestyle markets. Today, Craig leads Verde’s digital strategy division, where he integrates traditional strategies with innovative digital marketing. Out of the office, Craig runs to the summits of big mountains and suffers most fall and winter weekends in the competitive Boulder cyclocross scene.

Dan Rintelmann


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A recognized thought leader in social media, digital marketing and innovative technologies, Damian Rintelmann is a Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy at IMRE. He has over 15 years of experience in crafting digital communications programs for top brands including General Motors, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, Got Milk, Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Best Buy and PepsiCo. He most recently was at Delucchi Plus, as their Chief Operating Officer. Damian supported the agency’s strategic growth, overseeing day-to-day operations to improve workflow, acquire and retain top talent, and deliver a remarkable client experience. He was brought in to improve not only the overall process, but focus on collaboration and communications internally and externally. Previous to his role at Delucchi, he was the SVP, Digital at Weber Shandwick. Damian helped streamline development operations, working closely with clients and account teams on technical strategies and drove development on some of Weber’s largest programs, including Got Milk, Unilever/Degree/Suave, American Airlines, Anheuser Busch, Celgene and GM. He has lead the development of projects for many different platforms but his expertise spans from Facebook, intranets, websites, micro-sites to mobile apps/websites. Demonstrating his thought leadership internally, he was also one of the leaders on the emerging technology practice, guiding the agency point of view on innovative technologies and content creation. Damian is frequently tapped for his perspective on digital marketing trends as a speaker at industry and trade conferences and as an interview source for broadcast and print media. He is a board member of Betamore a technology incubator and innovation campus.

Sean Roylance

Rain Retail

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Sean Roylance is the President of Rain Retail. Previously he was the VP of Marketing at Infiniti Corporation after working as the VP of Development at Podango. Sean has a degree in Computer Science from BYU, 18 years of internet development experience, and over 14 years of internet marketing experience. To date, Sean has worked with over 1,300 businesses to help them improve their online presence and performance. Rain specializes in providing a seamless website, point of sale, and rental management system for Ski Shops and other specialty retailers.

Rob Rozicki

Dot Ski Lora Ledermann, Scream Agency

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Issa Sawabini


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At Fuse he oversees all client service areas and specializes in the development and execution of clients' youth targeted marketing strategies. In addition he supervises Fuse design and digital services working to guide brands in the credible development of youth-focused creative, content and social media outreach.

In the past decade he has worked to develop successful youth marketing strategies for over 50 brands including Mountain Dew, SoBe, Harley-Davidson, Yahoo, NBC, Universal Studios, Motorola, Ford, Burton Snowboards, Quiksilver, Converse, Discover Card and Cartoon Network.

In 2009 Sports Business Journal named Issa to its annual 40 Under 40 list honoring the 40 most influential executives in sports under 40 years old. Other recognition includes the Event Marketer Magazine Grand Ex Award, Bulldog Reporter PR Agency Of The Year and annual selection to the Promo 100. Additionally Outside Magazine has named Fuse one of the top 50 places to work in the country.

Due to his youth culture and marketing experience, Issa is frequently sought out by media for youth oriented marketing stories including outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NPR, PR Week, Ad Age and is a participant in USA Today’s Small Business Panel. He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences including Action Sports Retailer, Promo Live and Sports Summit.

Issa's professional experience is directly related to his personal passion - he is a well-known DJ, regularly appearing at clubs and events in the North East. His sports interests include snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and mountain biking.

Specialties: Action sports, music, fashion, youth culture, youth marketing, event marketing, brand strategy, endorsements, print design, web design, web development, PR, promotional products, guerrilla, buzz, influencer and nightlife marketing.

Lynette Seebohm

Concurrent Strategies

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Lynette has more than 20 years of market research, strategic, operational and financial planning in organizations ranging from 20 to more than 5000 employees. Her interests include exploring the analytics of competitive space, understanding consumer needs, and creating super-charged employee engagement that delivers new insights, dynamic business tools, and business analytics that lead to success. Engaging strategic line planners, designers and product or program development managers is her area of expertise.

Before founding Concurrent Strategies she worked as a Senior Consultant at Concurrent Product Development where she developed new approaches for consumer segmentation studies and functional line plans for small- and mid-sized consumer goods manufacturers. Prior to that she held senior management roles as the Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning, University of Utah’s Health Sciences group and as the Director of Strategic Planning at the MetroHealth System, a large teaching hospital affiliated with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Ellen Schmidt-Devlin

Sports Industry Veteran and University of Oregon Sports Product Management Program Director

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Ellen brings over 25 years of experience in Nike leadership positions across the world including postings in the US, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and Korea. Her expertise spans across the supply chain with direct responsibility for product development, merchandising, marketing, and manufacturing. She is guiding the marketplace introduction of new innovative educational and research programs in partnership with leading sport brands across the globe. The Sports Product Management Masters Degree Program began in Fall 2015. To learn more about the program, visit www.spm.uoregon.edu

Dan Smink

C1 Partners

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Dan founded C1 Partners after seeing small businesses’ growing need for digital marketing support. He has led the growth of the company as it has expanded beyond just a simple SEO firm to a leading modern marketing agency that caters to the wide range of marketing needs for small businesses. Dan came to Colorado after finishing his MBA at Georgetown University to lead the strategy and marketing efforts for large healthcare providers such as Centura and multinational medical device companies such as Covidien, McKesson and Thermo Fisher.

Cole Soli

Boa® Technology

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Simon Turner


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As the Co-founder and CEO of Myagi, Simon is a San Francisco transplant, originally from Melbourne, Australia via the Ski Resorts of British Columbia. He’s spent 14 years in ski, outdoor and sporting retail - from the ski rental room and the sales floor, to a distributor and retailer. If he's not working, he's on a river somewhere casting a fly rod (and usually getting his line stuck in the trees), or if it’s too cold to fish, sliding down a snow covered hill in the Sierras.

Roy Tuscany

High Fives Foundation

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After graduating from University of Vermont with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Roy Tuscany headed out west to pursue the dream of being a professional freeskier. In 2006, Roy crashed on a jump at Mammoth Mountain, suffering a life-altering injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He deems this as a moment of positive chaos because it was the catalyst to the creation of High Fives. Roy saw an opportunity to replicate the financial and community support from his own recovery into a 'pay-it-forward' organization with the creation of High Fives Non-Profit Foundation. He lives in Truckee, CA with his wife, Michelle and enjoys all things that keep him active.

Heath Wells


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Heath is a true entrepreneur at heart. Heath started his first business, a web company, at the age of 15 in Australia. At 22 he started another company in media & advertising and later sold this in 2008. After moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Heath founded STATE OF TOMORROW, L.A.’s first and only purely fashion-oriented marketing and digital agency. During this process they witnessed a wholesale model that was, in short, antiquated…. they saw an opening to revolutionize the entire industry and began developing NuORDER.

Karen Wojtko

US Bank

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Karen Wojtko is a Commercial Banking Relationship Manager at U.S. Bank in Avon. She has been with the bank for 7 years, after moving from Chicago and deciding the mountain lifestyle was for her. She loves powder days and is always willing to take clients and prospects on the mountain for business meetings.

Greg Zakowicz

Market Strategist, Bronto Software

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Greg Zakowicz is a Marketing Strategist at Bronto Software where he works with commerce-focused clients, offering strategic advice and tactics on how to increase the revenue potential of their email programs. With over 10 years of experience managing marketing programs, Greg brings a wealth of experience in email and online marketing. Greg speaks at ecommerce-related events and is a regular contributor to Bronto’s Commerce Marketing blog. You can follow him on Twitter @WhatsGregDoing.

"The SIA Snow Show is the best time of the year! You get to see all the new technology coming out, you get to see all the sales reps you have relationships with, and then right around the corner you get to test everything out at the On-Snow Demo at Copper." Katy Graul, Ski Brokers, Fraser, CO
"For me, the Show is so much more than just a product presentation, it's a true breeding ground for ideas and inspiration. The forums, the marketing information, and the opportunities for retailers like me to network with each other has become a major feature for me." Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski Shop, Framingham, MA
"It's the place to go to see as many manufacturing companies as you can see under one roof at one time. It’s the latest and greatest of everything that’s going to be coming through the stores in the next six to eight months. I think people do a disservice to themselves by not going." Susan Woody, sales rep, Turtle Fur
"This Show is so important because it's the preview for what’s to come; it's the big picture. You can talk to the people that are in sales, product development, we can tell you plans for next year as well as help retailers with their buy so they become informed and make better decisions for their business." Ryan Green, Nordic Division Manager, Rossignol
"From an international perspective, I can see that the whole US snow sports industry is truly a community. Everybody's here and you can see that it's a family." Sigi Rumphuber, Product Designer/Engineer, G3
"This whole business is based on relationships, so if you don’t get that face to face time it's difficult to continue those relationships or build new ones. And of course we have to be at the Show because it gives a chance for everyone to see the full line, and to talk about any problems or potential opportunities." Josh Roberts, VP, Nitro Snowboards

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