Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2015
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Show
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 2-3, 2015
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO

BlueBird Social Zone

BlueBird Social Zone

BlueBird Social Zone Logo

The BlueBird Social Zone was the perfect place to connect, recharge and socialize at #SIA14. During the Show, this spot was designed for attendees to launch their social marketing messages and press updates live from the Show Floor at our Wi-Fi connected BlueBird Social Zone.

Look below for the entire educational seminar series dedicated to social media with topics including; social media success stories, marketing panel discussions with industry professionals, inside scoop with bloggers and more.

Sponsored by TransWorld Business


2014 Seminar Topics Included:

Digital Marketing 101: How To Use Digital Marketing To Drive Your Business
This course will be seminar that will enable the attendees to take action after they leave. It will walk through the basics of digital marketing for small business, including Persona Development, Keyword Strategy, Onsite Optimization, Offsite Optimization, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Analytics. Attendees will leave with an eBook that gives them direction about how to get started doing Digital Marketing the right way for their small business.

Outdoor Brands & Loyal Consumers: Five critical social strategies to establish brand loyalty in 2014

  1. Athletes & ambassadors who create value: How to leverage your athletes as catalysts by creating unique personal experiences that provide value for and engage your consumers.
  2. Social & CRM integration: Purchase behavior, CRM and social activity collide to create the ultimate digital experience beneficial to the consumer and brand.
  3. Mobile first: Offline experiences collide effortlessly with online channels, and vice versa, to create a seamless user experience.
  4. Online personalization: The new consumer expects a personalized brand experience at every touchpoint.
  5. Simple data: The intersection of storytelling and data.
The Collision and Balance of Manufacturers & Retailers in a Direct Sales World
The eCommerce landscape is fluid, becoming more impactful and challenging almost daily. Sales channel development and the role of mobile proliferation and social media in eCommerce is an intersection where retailers and manufacturers are competing for the same customers. This presentation will cover where eCommerce is going (mobile, social, etc) and how retailers need to prepare. How to balance manufacturers selling direct while still supporting the traditional retail sales channel. Strategic and tactical execution on how retailers and manufacturers can work together.

Facebook Marketing Tactics for 2014
Consumers expect businesses to not only have a Facebook page, but to interact with them through it. Businesses that do not have an effective Facebook strategy are missing out on an excellent opportunity to improve customer relations and increase sales. Learn the latest tactics to effectively market on Facebook and find new customers. Come see real world examples of how small businesses are using new Facebook features to increase sales.

Advanced Digital Marketing: How To Google Adwords to Drive Your Business
This course will be seminar that will enable the attendees to take action after they leave. It will walk through how a company can use Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Marketing to augment what they are already doing for digital marketing for their business.

Your Customers Know More About Your Business Than You Do (When It Comes To Social Media)
In this seminar, we’ll explore how your customers are researching brands before they purchase and what tools they are using to do so. Even if you’re not involved or using these tools, your customers are- which makes it critical for your business to “catch up” and understand them better. This seminar will help retailers understand how they can use these tools to effectively connect with brands and how you can start using these same tools to provide marketing messages your customers will find!

Collaborative Consumption and Social Sharing: What This Means for Your Brand
With the innovation of collaborative consumption and social sharing, branding and marketing are contingent upon the consumer marketplace. The feedback system of social media - and the instant gratification of experiencing a product or service before it is purchased - are giving companies less control over their brand image. If a brand does not have a solid foundation, it will be dissipated into the transparent market we now live in. We will divulge these ideas and discuss some strategies to help brands use this transparency to their advantage, to be at the forefront of this perpetually-evolving industry.

Blogger Recharge
Credentialed media are invited to stop by the lounge to recharge their batteries and refuel themselves to push through till happy hour and evening events.

Building Brands in a Digital World: Content. Engage. Measure.
Whether you're a brand struggling to quantify value from your sponsored athletes, or an athlete who needs to quantify your potential brand value for a sponsor, you HAVE to understand brand strategy, how to deploy it into digital channels, and then precisely measure ROI using the latest analytics tools. This informal workshop features an all-star panel of experts from the snowsports industry content creation, and technology who will offer fascinating perspectives on how they produce and measure results. Todd Jones (Founder: Teton Gravity Research), Drew Phillips (Analyst: Adobe), Jordan Judd (V.P. Salomon), Ashley Otte, (Powder), Mike Brown (Sweetgrass Productions), Jared Willardsen (Virality Farm/Nitro Circus), pro skier Todd Legere.

Inspiration Through Digital Storytelling
Inspiration Through Digital Storytelling Presented by: Jeff Werkheiser, Turner PR Every brand has a story to tell, but those of us lucky enough to work in the snow sports industry know that the stories we can share range from exciting to breathtaking to incredible. The snow sports product is extremely visual, and every brand involved has a part of not only the bigger story but a very unique one as well. Getting that inspiring content in front of consumers, fans and followers is more important now than ever before. Get the people dreaming through your digital and social storytelling; we'll talk through how to build a content strategy that tells your brand's story.

Building brand loyalty and engagement with a #hashtag.

  • Drive customer engagement across multiple social media channels in real time.
  • Create an authentic story around your brand or product with crowd sourced content.
  • Promote your brand's message exponentially across multiply social channels through organic sharing of content.
  • Push traffic to your brand's website with a social hub publishing your best crowd sourced content in real time.
  • Launch engaging campaigns quickly and inexpensively.

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