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Feb. 2-3, 2015
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Bringing Together the Weak, Strong and the Thirsty...

Uphill/Downhill Challenge Details


Eighty-five weak, strong and thirsty skiers took the climb up Bouncer on Monday for the Uphill/Downhill Challenge, an event that raised almost $1,500 for the U.S. Ski Mountaineering Team. Participants went up Bouncer to Solitude station before descending through 17 Glad and back out on Bouncer over to the Collage back to the Burning Stones in the Village. COSMIC levels crossed the après finish line after a second lap on the same course.

Marshall Thomson who took first in the COSMIC Male Overall with 44:07, Pete Swenson who took second with 44:26, and Colin Cares who took third with 46:30. COSMIC Female Overall first place went to Sari Anderson at 51:55, second place to Lyndsey Meyer with 55:27, and third to Kate Zander with 55:47. Dynafit Talking Heads took first in the Industry Team Event, Scarpa A Team took second and The Executive Team took third.

“This was the best Uphill/Downhill event yet,” said Scarpa CEO Kim Miller, who took the Uphill/Downhill Challenge on the Executive Team with Chris Sword of Dynafit North America and Jonathan Lantz of La Sportiva. “We had more people from different places and the course was awesome.”

SIA organizes the Uphill/Downhill Challenge with support from a number of companies and individuals within the backcountry, randonee, and splitboard communities. The Uphill/Downhill Challenge is a fundraiser for the US Ski Mountaineering team.

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