Jan 27, 2016
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 28-31, 2016
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Show
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 1-2, 2016
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO

The BlueBird Social Zone was the perfect place to connect, recharge and socialize at #SIA15. During the Show, this spot was designed for attendees to launch their social marketing messages and press updates live from the Show Floor at our Wi-Fi connected BlueBird Social Zone.

2015 Seminars:

Thursday, January 29



How to Compete in Today’s Digital Marketing Landscape
Presented by Jay Habegger & Connie Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, OwnerIQ

Large brands and big box retailers have been dominating the internet for many years, using advertising technology to reach consumers online and convert them into customers. Today, there is technology available to all manufacturers and retailers, regardless of size, essentially leveling that playing field. In this session, we get rid of the marketing jargon and discuss how manufacturers and the specialty retailers can actually leverage this advertising technology to compete effectively for local in-market shoppers and drive outcomes at retail.




Improving Your Blogging Power
Presented by Rob Rozicki, .SKI

According to statistics, 77% of Internet users read blogs, 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites, and 12 million people blog via social networks. Blogging is clearly here to stay. At your businesses, blogging is an essential part of the the marketing mix, but blogging isn't easy. This session will explore the essential component necessary to becoming successful and provide actionable things any organization can do to become blogging pros.


Brand Storification™: Telling an Authentic Brand Story in the Digital Space
Presented by Crystalyn Stuart, IMRE

In the new uber-connected world, customers expect more for their loyalty than a typical brand promise.  They want to know what the brand’s story is — the values, personality, character, heritage, excitement. They want an intellectual and emotional connection. Learn how to integrate the voice of the brand into a digital persona and creates strategies for storytelling to engender the meaningful relationships and dialogue that outdoor brands crave with their audiences.


Enhancing Your B2B Sales Process Online: How to Give Retail Buyers the Consumer Experience
Presented by Chris Guerra, Blue Acorn

Retail buyers represent the B2B revenue that makes up the vast majority of of most brands’ total revenue, yet most brands still choose to focus more on improving their consumers’ shopping experience. After all, they are technically the greatest consumers of your products.  In this session, you'll learn how a number of B2C technologies are being adapted for B2B purposes.  Your retail buyers can even be treated to the same user interface as your consumers, using the same eCommerce platform.


Understanding Mobile POS and Apple Pay
Presented by Subodh Gupta and Ryan Hicks

Come learn the benefits of Mobile POS with Apple Pay and how technology can simply make your store more competitive, cost efficient and modern.  


How to Wear It: A Live Styling Session by Our Industry Experts
Presented by Turner PR

A live styling session with industry experts including designers, media and local influencers. Learn the best “how to wear it” tips for various snow style categories including alpine, freeski, après and more. We’ll be calling on audience participation for impromptu modeling, giveaways and a grand finale runway show!

Friday, January 30


Converting Web Traffic into Customers.  Omnichannel Trends in the Outdoor Industry
Presented by Ben McKinley, cascasde & Adam Lewis, Fohorn Labs"

This session presents real-world examples of how outdoor brands have enhanced their online presence to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates for sales.  We'll explore integrated inbound marketing techniques, ecommerce trends that address channel conflict, and the growing importance of mobile commerce.


Getting Started:  Digital Marketing Made Easy for Small Business
Presented by Dan Smink, C1 Partners

Do you know you need to incorporate digital marketing into your company's marketing plan, but you are unsure of how to start?  Are you looking for an introduction to digital marketing so you can make better decisions for your business?  C1 Partners will walk you through the key pieces of the digital marketing process you need to know so you are better prepared to grow your small business.


Corizontal. How to Make Your Brand Authentic to a Core Audience and Accessible to the Masses.
Presented by Mark Lewman, Nemo Design

Every brand in the ski industry aspires to connect with a defined audience. The marketer’s dilemma: Finding the line between authenticity and accessibility. How can small brands break through to become known beyond their niche?  And how can large brands with broad appeal stay relevant with a core? See case studies and learn the modern marketing practices Nemo Design uses to help active lifestyle brands like Converse, MasterCraft, Nike, Nordica, Bell Sports, Mammoth Mountain, Smith Optics, Goal Zero, and more.


Business of the Backcountry: Learn How to Up-level Your Store's Branding by Integrating Free Regional and Online Resources.
Join Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and Craig Randall of Verde Brand Communications in a hands-on workshop that will teach retailers who sell backcountry product the most efficient approach to plug online resources into their owned media platforms.

The era of social media and digital information sharing is an awesome one for retailers who sell backcountry product. Retailers can bridge their online storefronts or owned media platforms into more informational resources than ever before to serve their end consumers and communities. But there is SO much out there - where should you start? How can it be kept up in a way that's efficient? How can third party information enhance a retailer's brand?


How Focused Digital Content (or Content Marketing) Can Engage Consumers and Drive Sales
Presented by Harrison Liss & Judd Mercer

During our session we will cover some of the following information
- How to go beyond just “selling” to customers
- How to continue engagement and build the conversation with your audience
- How to use data to better understand your customers and build on that knowledge
- How to develop a social strategy


Beyond the Basics:  Advanced Digital Marketing to Drive Your ROI
Presented by Dan Smink & Dan Stratford, C1 Partners

Marketing efforts make sense when you can clearly determine your return on investment. Learn how to work within your budget limitations to optimize your digital marketing and create a greater ROI for your business. Advanced techniques using Paid Search, Social Media, and Linkbuilding will help create increased traffic optimized for the kinds of customers you want to attract.

Saturday, January 31


Geomarketing Changes Everything for Small Retailers Trying to Figure Out Ecommerce.
Presented by David Lively, Grey Suit Retail

Consumers have embraced Smartphone’s and tablets, sometimes as complements and sometimes as replacements for the PC. Mobile consumers are happily marching ahead, while marketers are often still scratching their heads about how to react to an even more fragmented digital marketplace.


Digital Strategy: Trends and Tools to Grow Your Business
Presented by Kathy Norford & Kirsten Mau, Spawn Ideas

The Spawn Ideas team will highlight digital trends and share how to create a digital marketing plan that drives results for your business, focusing on organic and paid search, SEO, digital trends, mobile, display, and measurement.


Reaching the Women's Market: Empowerment, Inspiration, Community
Presented by Shred Bettie's

A panel of female snowboarders, industry professionals and Shred Betties staff will discuss the state of women's snowboarding. Discussion will focus on rider retention and attracting new female participants, with an analysis of current industry strategies and the impact on different population segments. Stop by and listen in or share your thoughts - audience participation is welcome!



“The Show was awesome! Tons of traffic and excitement, which we were really excited about. We’ll be back every year moving forward. We’ve gotten new business from being here, and as a launch year, it’s been absolutely great.”
Tracy Bordwell, Creative and Technical Design, Fate Clothing

"As a snow-sports journalist, I find the SIA Snow Show to be an invaluable resource. There's nowhere else I can survey all of the latest gear and get face time with interesting suppliers, retailers, athletes, and other industry movers all in one place."
Sam Bass, editor-in-chief, Skiing Magazine

“You have everyone in one place, so you can see everything you need and get an idea of where trends are going. It’s a good overview of what’s going on in the industry. Last year we picked up a couple new lines that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked up had I not gone to SIA. The Show gets you psyched.”
Jim Slanetz, Owner, Board Bin, ID

“From our standpoint, our line has gotten larger each year, and the exposure at the Show is huge. There are so many people here and this Show seems to grow every year, it’s really beneficial for our sales reps to be here.”
Carrie Crogan, Trade Show Coordinator, Under Armour

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