Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2015
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Show
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 2-3, 2015
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO


The SIA Digital Press Room is the site where hundreds of professional media can gather virtually to discover, research, and evaluate products presented by SIA Show exhibiting members. Media will use this as a year-round tool to decide on story material for companies and trends for 2014.15 products so be sure to upload your company information, press releases, images and digital press kits. Take advantage of this FREE service for SIA members. The Digital Press Room is hosted in SIA’s Supplier Dashboard that also includes a Gear & Styles on the snow image gallery that displays on Snowlink.com (SIA’s consumer website) and Sneak Peak for retailers and media

The Digital Press Room is now open! Contact Elizabeth O. Hurst, SIA’s Communications and PR Manager, at EHurst@snowsports.org with questions. 

Follow the instructions below to upload your information.

Create a User Account:

Click here to get access to the Supplier Dashboard where you can upload all your Digital Press Room information. The first time you visit this page you will click on the Sign Up Now link to fill out your basic contact information and select your username and password.

Enter Press Materials:

After creating your account click on the Digital Press Room icon on your dashboard. Begin entering your company’s information into the following fields. We’ve created an open format to include information, images and documents that you feel would be interesting and helpful for media to cover your company and new products.
**Note: Users will be logged out of the system after 30 minutes, save your work frequently to avoid loss of data.

Step 1: Enter Your Company Information

Contact & Categories:

The information entered when you registered on the Supplier Dashboard will automatically populate this area, ensure this is the person within your organization or agency-of-record that would be appropriate for journalists to directly contact with questions or to schedule interviews. In this section you will also select the categories that your products fall under.


Synopsis of what you will be attaching. This section can also include a quick new product overview (i.e.: 250 words describing 1-2 of your company's hottest new products at the 2014 SIA Snow Show). Unformatted text is best. Avoid using bullet points or any other special characters or formatting.

Full Description:

500 words or less of company bragging rights, history, staff bios, philosophy, etc...whatever describes your company. Unformatted text is best. Avoid using bullet points or any other special characters or formatting.

Reminder: Click SAVE when you have entered your Company Information.

Step 2: Upload Photos

Upload product photos, logos, etc. All images must be saved for the web in RGB format. The following files types of images are accepted: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png.

Reminder: Click SAVE when you have uploaded your Photos.

Step 3: Upload Documents

Upload documents such as downloadable Press Releases, Press Kit, etc. The following files types of documents are accepted doc, xls, ppt, pdf, zip.

Reminder: Click SAVE when you have uploaded your Documents.

Step 4: SAVE!

Click COMPLETE to save your information and view your information in the Digital Press Room. Make sure to review the text carefully. If you need to make changes just go back and make your edits, then Click COMPLETE once again.

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