Jan 25, 2017
Industry + Intelligence
Denver, CO
Jan. 26-29, 2017
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Snow
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Jan. 30-31, 2017
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO



Whether this is your first time exhibiting at the SIA Snow Show or your 10th, we know you might have questions. So we're put together an FAQ page with the most commonly asked questions leading up to the show. Don't see the answer here? Send us your question in the form below and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for the show?

Q: How far is my hotel from the convention center?

A: Go to www.siasnowshow.com/hotels to see our list of hotels and the distance from the Convention Center. All SIA hotels are in walking distance of the Show.

Q: What kind of food can I get at the show?

A: Between the food courts on the show floor and the concession outlets along the perimeter, there are a wide variety of dining options.

Examples include burgers, pizza, crepes, salads, baked potatoes, chili, sweets, and paninis.

Q: What’s the weather like in Denver?

A: The biggest surprise for visitors to Denver is the climate. The arid conditions bring only 8 to 15 inches of annual precipitation and locals wake up to more than 300 days of sunshine a year. That’s more annual hours of sun than Miami and San Diego. Winters are mild with an average daily high temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and days reaching 60 degrees are not uncommon. Snow doesn't stay on the ground long in Denver so golf courses and outdoor cafes are able to stay open all year.

Text courtesy of Visit Denver

Q: How do I get from the airport to the Show Site?

A: Planes, Trains and Automobiles will get you to the SIA Snow Show. Ground transportation to and from the Denver International Airport and around Denver vary from Taxi, Share-Ride Services, RTD/Public Transit, and more. Information regarding ground transportation options available at the Denver International Airport can be found HERE.

Q: What are some tips for dealing with Denver’s altitude?

A: Denver really is exactly one mile high. Don't let anything you hear about the mile-high altitude scare you. The air is just thinner and dryer. In fact, many people with respiratory problems move to Denver for the benefits of the dry air. Just follow these simple tips and you will very likely not even notice the difference.

  1. Drink Water
  2. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake
  3. Eat Foods High in Potassium
  4. Watch Your Physical Activity
  5. Pack For Sun
  6. Dress in Layers
  7. Enjoy Yourself!


High Altitude Tips Courtesy of Visit Denver

Q: What are the show hours?

A: SIA Snow Show;
  • January 26   9A – 6P
  • January 27   9A – 6P
  • January 28   9A – 6P
  • January 29    9A – 1P

Q: How do I find out about after-hours networking events and parties?

A: Go to www.siasnowshow.com/events or download the SIA Show App at www.siasnowshow.com/showapp

Q: Are children allowed at the show?

A: Yes, but if they are under 16, they must be escorted by an adult. There is a Day Care Service available onsite at the Convention Center. SIA contracts with New Thomas Learning Centers to provide the service. For reservations, call Kelly at 303-639-5977, kelly.boerder@gmail.com

Exhibitor FAQS

Q: How do I sign up for a booth?

Contact SIA's Kyle Kennedy at KKennedy@snowsports.org or 435.657.5157 to start the process.

Q: How do I get my stuff to my booth?

You can either ship your stuff in advance for delivery to the advanced freight warehouse:
Early shipments must be received no later than Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Please send your advanced freight to:

Exhibiting Company Name and Booth Number
SIA Snow Show
c/o GES—Global Experience Specialists at UPS Terminal
5300 E. 56th Ave.
Commerce City, CO 80022-3237
Or you can ship it directly to the Colorado Convention Center:
Please note that the Colorado Convention Center is unable to receive or store materials delivered prior to your targeted move-in date or Monday, January 26th. Materials arriving earlier should be shipped to the Advance Freight Warehouse.

Please send on-site shipments to:
Exhibiting Company Name and Booth Number
SIA Snow Show c/o GES—Global Experience Specialists
700 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202
If you are arriving in your own vehicle or POV's (Personally Owned Vehicle), you must check in at the GES Marshaling Yard prior to unloading. If you have a small amount of materials and plan to hand-carry the items to your booth—please follow the below regulations Exhibitors choosing to self-unload must go to the designated hand-carry area. The hand-carry area is accessed from 14th Street at the Colorado Convention Center. Due to the limited area and Show site work rules, exhibitors that wish to self-unload are subject to the following parameters:

Space is available on a first come, first served basis
10 minute time frame for unloading
An exhibitor must remain with the vehicle at all times
Vehicle must leave the area upon completion of the off load
This service is limited to personal vehicles
This service is for Exhibitors Only (EAC's and/or contract carriers are not permitted)
Hand carry only---dollies and/or hand trucks are not allowed (the only exception will be hanging clothes on a rolling rack)

Q: How soon can I move in? Out?

A: Each exhibitor is sent a target move-in and move-out date and time based on their position on the trade show floor.

Q: How do I order electricity, furniture and other necessities for my booth?

A: Exhibitor Services Manual for the 2016 Show will be posted in the fall. This manual includes complete information on all show information as well as order forms for all the various services you may need for your booth. siasnowshow.com/esm

Q: Can I bring food and drink for my staff and our guests?

A: No outside food and drink are allowed to be brought into your booth for your staff and guest. All food and beverage needs must be supplied by Centerplate. Orders can be placed online at denverconvention.com. If you require a product or service that is not listed on the menu, please contact Centerplate directly at 303-228-8050. They will work with you to provide the necessary items or create a custom menu. Any food and beverage not ordered through and provided by Centerplate will be removed. Centerplate will also possibly impose some additional fees on you.

Q: How do I secure my booth overnight?

A: You can order overnight booth security through the Security Management Group of America. They can be contacted at 773-254-1824.


Q: Where do I pick up my badges for the On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest?

A: All On-Snow Badges can be picked up at the SIA Snow Show in Denver starting 1P on Thursday, January 26 at SIA Registration and the SIA Information Booth. Avoid the lines and pick up your badges in Denver before heading to the mountains.

If you're on skis, complete a DIN Setting form at the USRA Booth in Denver, located right next to Registration.

Q: How do I book lodging for the On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest?

A: To book lodging for the 2016 On-Snow Demo/Ski Ride Fest call Copper Mountain at +1 (866) 837-2996 and reference group code 2809.

"The SIA Snow Show is the best time of the year! You get to see all the new technology coming out, you get to see all the sales reps you have relationships with, and then right around the corner you get to test everything out at the On-Snow Demo at Copper." Katy Graul, Ski Brokers, Fraser, CO
"For me, the Show is so much more than just a product presentation, it's a true breeding ground for ideas and inspiration. The forums, the marketing information, and the opportunities for retailers like me to network with each other has become a major feature for me." Teddy Schiavoni, Summit Ski Shop, Framingham, MA
"It's the place to go to see as many manufacturing companies as you can see under one roof at one time. It’s the latest and greatest of everything that’s going to be coming through the stores in the next six to eight months. I think people do a disservice to themselves by not going." Susan Woody, sales rep, Turtle Fur
"This Show is so important because it's the preview for what’s to come; it's the big picture. You can talk to the people that are in sales, product development, we can tell you plans for next year as well as help retailers with their buy so they become informed and make better decisions for their business." Ryan Green, Nordic Division Manager, Rossignol
"From an international perspective, I can see that the whole US snow sports industry is truly a community. Everybody's here and you can see that it's a family." Sigi Rumphuber, Product Designer/Engineer, G3
"This whole business is based on relationships, so if you don’t get that face to face time it's difficult to continue those relationships or build new ones. And of course we have to be at the Show because it gives a chance for everyone to see the full line, and to talk about any problems or potential opportunities." Josh Roberts, VP, Nitro Snowboards

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