Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2015
SIA Snow Show & Sourcing Show
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Feb. 2-3, 2015
On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest
Copper Mountain Resort, CO

Snow Expert Program

When you attend the SIA Snow Show you are making an investment to ensure your shop stocks the latest equipment, accessories and apparel. And you know at the Show that you’ll learn about emerging industry trends so you can give your customers all the advice and information they need. And you know that the time and money you spend attending the SIA Snow Show will make yours a better shop than the one down the street.

But do your customers know any of this?

SIA has a way you can let them know you are their “go-to” shop for all things snow, and that’s why they need to come to you for their future purchases.

When you register and attend the SIA Snow Show, you are automatically enrolled in our Snow Expert Program. It’s free and easy to participate, and includes a range of marketing support materials all designed to give you a competitive edge by announcing your status as the local “Snow Expert.”

Five Simple Steps to Snow Expertise

  1. Register and Attend the Snow Show and you’re automatically enrolled and your shop will be highlighted in our retailer database.
  2. Brand yourself a Snow Expert and download* the “Snow Expert” seal and web copy and place them on your site. Add the seal to your marketing materials to help brand yourself an Official “Snow Expert.” *available after the 2013 SIA Snow Show
  3. Print staff talking points and meet with staff to explain the program and how they can use it to increase sales.
  4. Throughout the year, use the marketing materials here on SIAsnowshow.com to identify your shop as a “Snow Expert”.
  5. Let your customers know that you are a Snow Expert, and how that benefits them.  

Marketing Support Materials

  • Retailer Database Recognition – We highlight your store name as a recognized Snow Expert in our retailer database. Snowlink.com and Facebook.com/Snowlink
  • The Expert Seal – Will be included in your Snow Show badge mailing or in a post-Show mailing. Post it in your shop, on your window. Also, download the Show Expert web seal and post it on your website or include it in your marketing materials, like print ads and postcards. Registered Show attendees will receive an email containing the link to download the Snow Expert web seal after the SIA Show.
  • Staff Talking Points – Print and share the Snow Show talking points with your staff so they can tell customers about how your trip to Snow Show will make you a Snow Expert.
  • Snow Show Web Copy – Add copy to your site that explains the value of your trip to the Snow Show to your customers.
  • Social Media – Promote your “Snow Expert” status on Facebook and Twitter by sending updates from the Show. Post pictures of you and your staff checking out new trends and updates about what you’ve seen and what you’ll be bringing back to the shop.     

Congratulations! Your shop is now an Official Snow Expert!

Please contact Lindsey Auer at SIA with any questions or if you did not receive your Snow Expert decal in your badge mailing or after the Show. LAuer@snowsports.org.

*After attending the SIA Snow Show, you will receive the Snow Expert seal for your marketing materials and website posting.

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